Rémy Martin & The Botanist: A few ways to let love flow for Wife Appreciation Day

September 15, 2021

Married men have significant dates to remember each year - their wife's birthday, their wedding anniversary, and every other red-letter day that's meaningful in their relationship.

Add one more to that list: Wife Appreciation Day, celebrated in the U.S. and increasingly worldwide on the third Sunday of every September. 

This year, that's September 19 - this weekend! 

If your wife has been a steady rock for you in these uncertain times, a confidante and collaborator in life, this is an opportunity to do something extra-special with her, especially with hope and health now returning to our communities.

Some husbands might want to treat their wives to a weekend of relaxation, taking over the household chores themselves. Something as simple as a stress-busting massage or a thoughtful card to express your thankfulness could mean the world.

For something more indulgent, perhaps a surprise dinner date this Saturday night, buoyed by one of the most sublime gins or Cognac? There's nothing like a satisfying meal followed by a sensational tipple!

If you're panicking that you haven't prepared, rest assured that Rémy Martin and The Botanist have you covered! Let love flow with smooth, soothing sips throughout an evening dedicated to the most important woman in your life.

If you're a regular at the city's top cocktail bars, you've likely already experienced and enjoyed The Botanist, perhaps shaken with egg white and enlivened with lemon juice and rosemary syrup, or perhaps served in beautiful simplicity over ice with tonic, a wedge of grapefruit and a spring of thyme.

This dry gin is conceived at Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay off Scotland's west coast, using 22 foraged island botanicals, hand-picked throughout spring, summer and autumn. The botanicals are distilled with pure Islay spring water, yielding a sensuous, complex gin that speaks resonantly of Islay and its terroir.

A bottle of The Botanist promises reviving refreshment. It's unbeatable for a gin and tonic but versatile enough to mix for many romantic gin-based cocktails, from the Grace Kelly to the Winter White Lady.

If you're seeking a Cognac that's as classic, timeless and iconic as they come, Rémy Martin VSOP embodies elegance that has stood the test of centuries since 1724. 

With vibrant gold hues, revealing dominant notes of vanilla, ripe apricot and baked apple, this is a highly adaptable Cognac, making it a hassle-free choice for any dinner.

Savour it neat, on the rocks, frozen or in a cocktail - might we recommend the recipe for a Rémy Ginger cocktail, easy to prepare, topped off with ginger ale, Angostura bitters and a lemon wedge.

Working together with Whisky.my, Boozeat & Malting Point, these two bottles - The Botanist and Rémy Martin VSOP - are now being sold at a special promotional price, with a limited-edition pair of Burgundy glasses or Charisma glasses on purchase, plus an extra gift to perk things up - the perfect way to enjoy your preferred spirit.
From 15 September to 15 October 2021, just log on to:
or maltingpoint.com and share a bit of boozy appreciation!

Gifts offered on purchase of one of the bottles: 2 Burgundy or 2 Charisma glasses with RM50 MyCookingStory voucher 


Gifts offered on purchase of one of the bottles: 2 Burgundy or 2 Charisma glasses with Rose

Malting Point:

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