Rémy Cointreau Malaysia: Gifts of mooncakes with cognac, whisky & gin to cheer the spirits

September 3, 2021

Unusual times call for a unique way to celebrate this year's Mid-Autumn Festival: Rémy Cointreau Malaysia promises an experience to remember with pairings of mooncakes with cognac, whisky and gin, helping us share a sweet moment while raising our glasses to brighter times ahead.

For those of us fortunate to be celebrating with family and loved ones, Rémy Cointreau's curation of mooncakes with premium spirits will be the ideal accompaniment to a traditional dinner or get-together. 

The rest of us can send gifts of warmth and well wishes to our favourite people with elegant Rémy Cointreau sets that showcase four delightfully designed mooncakes with selected premium spirits.

For mooncakes that make a memorable impression, Rémy Cointreau's creations stand out with spectacularly crafted imprints of the Centaur logo, a time-honoured hallmark of the brand since the 1800s.

The baked beauties come in four flavours that blend the classic and contemporary: Pure Lotus Double Yolk, Matcha Red Bean, Charcoal White Lotus with Crushed Yolk, and Pandan Lotus that's low in sugar, thoughtfully offering something for everybody.

Making them even more distinctive, the mooncakes are presented in crimson wooden boxes, packaged in recyclable tote bags. They're certain to thrill recipients, offering a treat for the senses, being a visual marvel as well as a pleasure for the palate.

Relishing the mooncakes with Rémy Cointreau products is an intriguing change from the conventional wisdom of pairing mooncakes with tea - you'll find that cognac, gin and whisky work equally well to cut through the sweetness of the mooncakes! Plus, in times like these, we all deserve an extra indulgence to cheer our spirits.

This limited-edition mooncake gift set is available with the purchase of selected Rémy Cointreau products until 21 September 2021. Here are the packages that include the mooncake gift set:

Mid-Autumn Festival Package 1: Enjoy one complimentary mooncake gift set with each bottle.
Rémy Martin XO

Port Charlotte OLC 
Octomore 10.3
Octomore 11.1 
Octomore 11.3 
Octomore 10, the 4th edition

Mid-Autumn Festival Package 2: Purchase two bottles to receive a mooncake gift set.
2 bottles of Rémy Martin Club 

Mid-Autumn Festival Package 3: Purchase three bottles to receive a mooncake gift set.
3 bottles of Rémy Martin VSOP
3 bottles of The Botanist Gin

You can find the mooncake gift sets and Mid-Autumn packages at selected wholesalers.

Call to order to ensure you won't miss out!

In the Klang Valley, check out:
Albert Wines & Spirits (M) Sdn Bhd: 019-2156308
CSS Food and Beverage Sdn Bhd: 016-3326506
In Vino Veritas Sdn Bhd: 012-2352076 
Tong Woh Enterprise Sdn Bhd: 019-3903056 
And more.

For Ipoh and Penang, try:
Joo Huat Wines & Spirits: 019-4455917
Global Vin (M) Sdn. Bhd: 017-6726133

In Melaka and Johor: 
Classic Wine Trade (M) Sdn Bhd: 012-6815300
Meng Hwa Enterprise: 012-7828992
DY Marketing & Enterprise: 010-4084119
And other wholesalers.

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