Rasa Lama: Citarasa Orang Kita Ramadan Buffet in SS15 Subang

March 6, 2024



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A contemporary space for a classic Ramadan feast: Subang's Rasa Lama is serving up more than 80 specialities, spanning East to West, for its buka puasa buffet that begins next week.

The Citarasa Orang Kita nightly spread of Malaysian and Western fare costs RM98 nett per adult and RM49 nett per child of 5 to 12 years old. Book your table before 15 March to savour a special rate of RM180 nett for two persons.

Head chef Ashraff harnesses 12 years of professional experience to prepare highlights like whole lamb, marinated over three days, slow-roasted to smoky tenderness for three hours over a charcoal-fuelled barbecue pit, perfect with house-blended mint and rosemary sauces.

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Ashraff pays tribute to his Terengganu hometown roots with his mother's recipe of Daging Masak Biryani, cooked with a secret selection of premium herbs and spices, resulting in a rich, creamy stew of beef with robust flavours, lusciously succulent in every spoonful.

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Another attraction is Ayam Masak Merah, with a bright, uplifting sweetness that elevates this  above the conventional preparation. Absolutely addictive - a testament to Ashraff's ability to adapt time-honoured staples into modern crowd-pleasers.

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Kepah Masak Kari Hijau is among Ashraff's longtime favourites, which he has been cooking for many years, blending spicy and savoury into a sumptuous seafood sensation.

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Hainan Nasi Ayam is irresistible, coupling juicy roasted chicken with gently aromatic rice.

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Turn up the heat with 10 types of sambals and fermented condiments - tasty, textured and tongue-tingling - including sambal belacan, sambal tempoyak, sambal mangga, sambal nanas, sambal hijau, sambal kicap, budu and cincalok. 

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Kerabu and salads complete the choices, plus pastas, roti, murtabak with dal, and more.

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Sweet temptations to end the evening include lots of kuih-muih, thoughtfully sourced from local dessert makers, including seri muka, kuih lapis, talam cendol and talam keladi. Chill out with a cooling collection of aiskrim potong, playfully plucked from a basket. 

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Rasa Lama
9G, Jalan SS 15/7, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. 
Daily, 11am-10pm. Tel: 03-5611-4321