Quartet TTDI: 2021 Menu

February 15, 2021

Quartet turns eight this year, having long established itself as one of TTDI's favourite cafes, living up to its reputation of being 'your neighbourhood supply.' Enduring since 2013, Quartet remains a faithful getaway destination in trying times - even without dine-in operations for now, its team continues to serve the people of TTDI and beyond, offering its entire selection for takeouts and deliveries.

In early January, we returned to Quartet to relish its freshly updated menu, spanning all-day brunches, pastas, sandwiches, light bites, dessert and coffee.

Quartet rises bright and early, kicking off at 9am with its all-day brunch selection. 

Highlights to brighten your morning, midday and even early evening include a scrumptious Scrambled Salmon Toast (RM19.90), layered lovingly with luscious Norwegian smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs on a thick slice of open-face ciabatta, rounded out with cherry tomatoes and hollandaise sauce for a robust-tasting ensemble.

Other options for the all-day brunch include Eggs Benedict (with beef bacon or salmon) and Russian Eggs (served scrambled or sunny-side-up).

For pasta pleasure, Quartet's main-course creations embody the essence of comfort fare. 

If you're seeking spaghetti, search no further than the hearty Aglio Olio & Poached Egg (RM19), robustly flavourful and richly filling,  jazzed up vivaciously with green basil pesto, chilli oil, parmesan cheese and garlic galore, plus protein possibilities of beef bacon or sliced chicken breast.

You'll also find crowd-pleasers like carbonara and pure pesto here, executed with exemplary confidence.

The most convenient meal here is probably the sandwich - our best bet is the Pulled Beef Sandwich (RM16.90), thanks to tender beef slow-cooked over four hours, made punchy with a potent, slightly spicy mustard and cheddar cheese.

There's a sandwich for every palate here, from Pepper Chicken to Chicken Pesto to Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese.

Coffee is the cornerstone of Quartet's beverage selection. Its house blend is South American, bold and nutty, balanced with chocolaty notes that make it very pleasant to sip. This is a versatile blend, best illustrated by Quartet's Flavoured Latte Bottles (RM12 each, or five for RM55).

These are the ideal grab-and-go bottles for your caffeine fix, with fun flavours like Raspberry, Irish Cream, Caramel, Macadamia, Hazelnut, and Vanilla that prove smooth and milky without being too sweet or cloying. Store them in the fridge and consume within four days of buying them (purchases can be made in-store or online).

For a cup of coffee brewed to order, all the staples are accounted for, including the Flat White, Cappuccino, Piccolo, and the new fan favourite, the Iced Chocolate Macadamia. 

For lattes, chocolate and mocha beverages, the dairy milk can be substituted with Soy Milk or Oatly Oat Milk (a vegan choice that's dairy-, lactose-, soy- and nut-free). The oat milk is beautifully paired with Quartet's nutty coffee beans, conveying hints of chocolate.

House-made sparkling sodas are the non-caffeinated alternative: The Sunrise Soda (RM12.50) will perk you up perfectly, with a cool blend of peach puree and vanilla syrup to combat the heat and humidity. 

Other rejuvenating sodas include the Skittles (a combo of cucumber, lemon, and raspberry), Sunset (strawberry puree and raspberry syrup) and Tropic (mango puree with passionfruit syrup, for beach vibes in the middle of TTDI).

We look forward to chilling out again at this community hangout when the time is right - Quartet's space has recently been refreshed with thoughtful touches (we like the artwork and books here) and is cosy enough for meet-ups or for a solo escape. You can catch up over meaningful conversations, finish up on work, or recharge with good food and great coffee.

For now, takeouts and deliveries are the way to go. As a bonus, Quartet TTDI’s Beep Cashback programme offers 5% cashback made for all transactions in-store and online. Make a purchase, scan the QR code on your receipt, key in your phone number, and receive cashback to spend later. Easy and effortless enough to reward regulars.

Many thanks to Quartet TTDI for having us, and here's to another eight years.

Quartet TTDI

21, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Thursday-Tuesday, 9am-6pm (kitchen closes at 5pm). Closed Wednesday. Tel: 03-2859-1966