Qi Dessert: Taiwanese-inspired Snowflake Crisps

November 17, 2020

Taipei may be off the travel map, but it’s not off the menu: Qi Dessert’s homemade Snowflake Crisps bring this Taiwanese-inspired treat to Malaysian homes.

Qi Desserts serves three types of these fudgy nougat-like snacks. each individually wrapped in packs of 10 pieces, so you can easily store them in room temperature for up to a month (RM18 per packet, or RM15 each if you buy a minimum of three packets). 

The Original is simultaneously crisp and fudgy, crafted with butter, marshmallows, cheese crackers, cranberries and milk powder - pleasantly sweet and multi-textured, with a lovely chewiness.

The Oreo is enhanced with crushed Oreos for a chocolaty boost, while the Matcha swaps out milk powder for matcha powder, buoying this biscuit-cake confection with green tea's soothing uplift. Everyone will have their own personal favourite to merrily munch on.

Many thanks to Qi Dessert for this sampling.

Qi Dessert
To order, please contact 0176828321 or DM at instagram.com/qi.dessert
Preorders should be made at least three days in advance.
Delivery is RM10 in West Malaysia and RM12 in East Malaysia.

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