Positano Risto: KL's top-ranked alcohol-free Italian restaurant offers pastas, pizzas, grills & more for all

June 28, 2024







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From house-made fettucine, ravioli and lasagne to hand-tossed pizzas, succulent steaks to sumptuous lamb shanks, tantalising tiramisu to tempting mocktails and milkshakes, crafted with halal-certified ingredients, Positano Risto has become Publika KL's's top destination for a Muslim-friendly Italian dining experience that everyone can enjoy.

Inspired by its Muslim owners' love of authentic Italian food, Positano Risto was born in Singapore in 2017 before embarking into Malaysia the following year. In both countries, it promises a welcoming social encounter without alcohol, suitable for diners and families of all faiths. 

Spectacular scenes of the Amalfi Coast's port commune of Positano line the walls in the restaurant, evoking a memorable Mediterranean vacation that Positano Risto's KL based co-founder Muhammad Imran Abdullah @ Vivek Sharma made with his wife a decade ago.

This month, Imran and his friendly team welcome us back to Positano Risto. New faces include manager Luca; a Genoa-born Italian Muslim who's married to a Malaysian, Luca personally handles the entire guest experience from front-of-house service to table-side dessert assemblies.

If you haven't returned to Positano Risto in awhile, now's the time: The menu has been completely revamped under the creative direction and leadership of newly appointed native Italian chef Roberto, harnessing three decades of professional experience in his homeland's cuisine in five-star hotels all across Asia.

Whether you crave spaghetti carbonara or aglio olio or risotto brimming with the ocean's bounty, ravioli that's packed with luscious lobster, lasagne with layers of minced beef and mozzarella, pizzas that harbour the creamy comfort of classic Italian cheeses, or tiramisu with a contemporary twist, Positano has everything we want at wonderful value.

Bonus points: For fans of sunlit restaurants with garden views, Positano Risto might be Publika's prime destination - patrons can dine indoors amid posters of Italian-linked celebrities and movies or alfresco in a leafy, breezy garden setting.





Open everyday from 11am to 10pm, now six years strong in Publika, Positano Risto continues to champion a philosophy of offering an authentic, alcohol-free Italian dining experience that's acceptable for all dietary practices.

If you're planning a party or marking a milestone with your favourite people, rest assured that  Positano Risto strives to provide the most pleasant escapade possible. And being alcohol-free, the kids' menu is a bonus for families looking for a great bonding experience. 

Pastas are a cornerstone of Positano Risto's selection, paying homage to classics while ensuring that people from all around the world can appreciate these time-honoured recipes.

The Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia (RM46.95) is delectably al dente, buoyant with a boatload of tiger prawns, squid, clams, mussels and scallops, plus plenty of peperoncino for a spicy punch to please Malaysian palates. A symphony of seafood that sings with fresh, fabulous flavours.  

Also swimming with crustaceans, Risotto Frutti Di Mare (RM52.95) promises a charming chew, with firm grains flooded with full-bodied tiger prawns, clams, mussels and scallops, well-balanced with the tang of tomatoes to mellow out the heat of the peperoncino.

The ultimate indulgence for seafood enthusiasts is Ravioli All’ Aragosta (RM58.95), meticulously handmade with Italian Caputo flour that features natural Neapolitan starches.

These perfectly smooth pasta pouches harbour dense, decadent patties of lobster flesh with butter, briny in a brilliant lobster bisque sauce, brightened with herbaceous notes of dill and parsley, beautifully worthy of a seaside Italian trattoria.

You could make a mouthwatering meal of pizzas all on their own at Positano Risto, with a range that runs from the traditional Margherita to the pepperoni-loving Salame Piccante.

The star in every way is La Stella (RM68.95), an eight-pointed extravaganza of mozzarella balls and mozzarella-mushroom balls stuffed in each tip, topped with dollops of the kitchen's luscious interpretation of burrata, blending buffalo mozzarella, mozzarella and cream, all on a sourdough crust with layers of pepperoni, turkey ham and arugula. One of the most distinctive and delightful pizzas in the Klang Valley.

Moving on to mains, Positano Risto is a powerhouse of protein, spanning both land and sea, from beef short ribs to sole fillets.

The Bistecca Di Controfiletto Di Manzo (RM88.95) boasts a beefy bang for our buck - 250 grams of Australian grass-fed strip-loin, seared to supreme succulence, laced with a lightly sweet demi-glace, served with golden potato wedges and grilled vegetables. 



Another standout is Agnello Brasato (RM78.95), a mighty New Zealand lamb shank coated in a rich sauce of tomatoes and Italian herbs, slow-cooked for three hours to secure a supple bite, clean-tasting and complemented with a choice of creamy polenta or mashed potatoes. 





Complete your culinary caper with Tiramisu (RM32.95) with a theatrical twist, put together step-by-step beside your table to showcase a sumptuous spread of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone, cream and torched meringue, sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings and cocoa powder. A playfully pleasurable take on a familiar favourite.

When the weather is too much, pop by Positano Risto for mocktails, milkshakes, coffee and tea. The Azzuro (RM18.95) is alluringly azure, a refreshing medley of wild blueberries in an icy blue lagoon with lemon lime soda, while the Ferrero Rocher (RM34.95) is the embodiment of dessert in a drink, a milkshake of premium vanilla ice cream and hazelnuts, topped with an Italian Ferrero Rocher ball for a young-at-heart beverage.

Positano Risto
Block C1, Lot 2, Level G3, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 11am-10pm. Tel: 03-6411-3799