Perfect Match Catering: Mini buffets to fill all your private event catering needs

October 16, 2021

Mini buffets for big moments: If you're holding a birthday party, reunion, corporate event or other occasion, Perfect Match Catering promises the ideal way to feed your guests, with a selection of Mini Buffets that can be customised for groups or individuals.

Perfect Match Catering is a halal-certified service that has catered for over 5,000 buffets since 2014, always with fresh ingredients. Its diverse offerings span East to West, satisfying every craving, whether you prefer Prawn Sambal or New Zealand Green Mussels with Napolitana Sauce.

Click HERE to see the Mini Buffet Menu. 

The Mini Buffets are available in two categories: Sharing Mini Buffet or Personal Mini Buffet.

Sharing Mini Buffets feature the food in larger portions that can be placed on your buffet table for your guests to gather around and take what they want - fuss-free for casual, intimate social events.

Each package includes seven to 11 dishes, comprising rice or noodles, chicken, fish, small bites, vegetables and dessert, for a minimum order of 15 people. The higher-priced packages include a wider pick of seafood and premium items. 

There is a huge variety of dishes to choose in the Sharing Mini Buffet.

If you love Malaysian fare, check out the Kampung Fried Rice, Rendang Chicken, Mutton Curry and more. Enjoy Thai temptations? Treat your guests to Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon and Green Curry Chicken. Western specialities include Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, and an array of muffins, tarts and Danish pastries. 

If you prefer individual portions for each guest, order the Personal Mini Buffet, with each serving in its own separate box with various smaller containers of different dishes.

The Personal Mini Buffet includes many choices, from seafood to meat to vegetables, from Ikan Tiga Rasa to Kam Heong NZ Green Mussels and Black Pepper Beef, with a minimum order of 20 persons.

Both the Sharing Mini Buffet and Personal Mini Buffet options are excellent for private events. Orders should be placed at least three days in advance and consumed within three hours of delivery. 

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