One World Hotel: A Festive Extravaganza for Christmas 2023 and New Year's Day 2024

December 6, 2023

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As 2023 comes to a close, gather up your loved ones for a festive extravaganza at Petaling Jaya's One World Hotel, where the year-end celebrations promise the season's finest spread at the freshly refurbished Cinnamon Coffee House.

From Beef Wellington to baby lamb, freshly shucked oysters to Atlantic jackknife clams, sumptuous sashimi to scrumptious sweet treats, One World Hotel makes the season merry and mouthwatering!

Book and pre-pay by 15 December 2023 to enjoy Early Bird Special prices:

Christmas Eve (24 December 2023)
Buffet Dinner: RM228 nett per adult (Normal price: RM298)

Christmas Day (25 December 2023)
Buffet Hi-Tea: RM148 nett per adult (Normal price: RM198)
Buffet Dinner: RM228 nett per adult (Normal price: RM298)

New Year’s Eve (31 December 2023)
Buffet Dinner: RM228 nett per adult (Normal price: RM298)

New Year’s Day (1 January 2024)
Buffet Hi-Tea: RM148 nett per adult (Normal price: RM198)

 From 16 December onwards, only normal prices will be available.

Call One World Hotel at +603 7681-1157 or WhatsApp at wa.me/60162109521 to enquire or to make your reservations. You can also email to [email protected] or 
[email protected]

Guests will also be entertained by Christmas Carollers from 7pm to 8pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Be sure to catch Santa as he hands out festive treats to revellers!

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Seasonal must-haves at the festive extravaganza include succulent roasts of Australian Striploin, Beef Wellington and Baby Lamb. The buffet is a protein powerhouse for carnivorous cravings, also comprising Seared Beef Medallion, Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder and Baked Sea Bass with condiments. 

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For refreshing starters, choose from Cajun Shrimp and Waldorf Salad to an international cheese platter of Emmental, Blue and Brie Cheese. Plated temptations like Smoked Salmon, Cajun Prawn with Pomelo Salsa, and Quail Eggs on Crab Meat keep us returning for more!

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Chilling out at the heart of the buffet are unlimited servings of shimmering seafood on ice, showcasing the ocean's bounty of freshly shucked oysters, Atlantic jackknife clams, snow crab, slipper lobsters and more!

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Sashimi, sushi and teppanyaki will juice up the fun for Japanese food fans!

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At the grill station, chefs will whip up wonderful Wagyu Beef Striploin Steak, Sliced Lamb Shoulder and Cajun Chicken Breast with condiments.

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Ensuring there's plenty for everyone, the buffet boasts a delectable diversity of Asian and international flavours, with live cooking stations for aromatic action!

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Finish your feast with sweet pickings like Christmas Yule Log, Fruit Cake, Christmas Pudding and much more, beautifully presented to delight all generations of diners this season!

After indulging in these Christmas Goodies, usher in 2024 with a Countdown Party at Sphere Lounge. savouring your favourite drinks and midnight snacks while live music entertainment and DJs spin us into a brand-new year!

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Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel
First Avenue, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

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