Olo Creative Kitchen @ Helsinki

October 5, 2017

Get up close & uninhibitedly personal with the chefs of Olo in its Creative Kitchen tract, where customers can wander around amid the stoves & ovens for a peek at how the magic is made at this Michelin-starred establishment in Helsinki. The chefs will gamely respond to your burning questions throughout a three-hour 'long tasting menu' session that spans a legion of courses.

It's a stellar showcase for fine, fresh Scandinavian produce, prepared in engagingly imaginative forms that change according to the weeks, months & seasons. On one crisp autumn evening, the meal comprised pickled onion & goat's cheese; chicken liver mousse & raspberry puree marble; turnip with blackcurrant leaf puree; sourdough crisp stuffed with grilled leek & Oulujarvi lake whitefish; organic rye cracker with house-made sour cream; langoustine with langoustine cream, puffed rice, edible cress flowers & herbs; emmer porridge semolina with shaved smoked reindeer heart & crispy mushrooms ...

 ... whitefish mosaic with fish scales, dill puree & parsley pearls; oven-baked celeriac roots with duck consomme; garden-grown cauliflower with miso chicken skin crisps & watercress sauce; flat potato pancake with cold smoked salmon creme ...

 ... thyme-scented steak tartare with egg yolk sheet, toasted buckwheat puffs & acidised whipped cream; king crab with crab mousse & pumpkin consomme; perch with kohlrabi, dill emulsion & mussel sauce; veal sweetbread with browned chanterelles, kale & juniper sauce ...

 ... & dessert courses of Peltola blue cheese with apple with sour milk; white chocolate ice cream with juniper oil & birch tree syrup; & birch; cep with lingonberries; & egg yolk sorbet & white chocolate lollies. Wine pairings are available throughout.

Olo Creative Kitchen
Helsinki, Finland.