Nora @ Melbourne

September 23, 2017

One of our most magically memorable meals this year was in Melbourne's Nora, where chef-founders Jean Thamthanakorn and Sarin Rojanametin do remarkably wicked work with their excellent team; they've promised to "pull apart, question and reimagine" Thai cuisine, and they successfully fulfill each word. Make this your next dinner if you're visiting this Australian city.

It's best to head here knowing as little as possible, since the thrill rests in the surprises around each corner. The 10-to-12-course menu refashions familiar flavours into new, nuanced creations, showcasing the kitchen's mastery of taste and technique. Dishes bear mysterious names like 'Daft Punk Is Playing In My Mouth,' playing on components like black glutinous rice bread and superb 14-day-aged duck roasted on the bone, spiked with everything from fermented soy bean butter to grilled smoked chillies, for an hours-long epic gastronomic voyage.

Go for the drinks pairing - hand-crafted juices and curated infusions prove nearly as creative and cool as the food. 

156 Elgin Street, Carlton, Melbourne, VIC.