Nak Beli Mart: Macam-Macam Ada

April 2, 2020

Whether you're running low on noodles and coffee in the kitchen, or hoping to replenish your toothpaste, tissues and even three-ply masks, Nak Beli Mart's next-day delivery offers a new one-stop solution to your home shopping needs.

The service is currently available in many parts of the Klang Valley, helping us save a trip to the supermarket. Place your order before 9pm at nakbeli.com.my - with every category from food and beverage essentials to personal and household care represented - and have your necessities delivered to your doorstep the next day.

Prices look reasonable - a chocolate croissant roll starts at RM1.50, a can of baked beans clocks in at RM3.10, and a 200-gram Milo refill pack is RM5.40. Even some extra pampering might not be too costly, with almond milk at RM5.50, blueberry granola bars at RM16.20, and Australian Beechworth honey at RM31.40. 

Surgical face masks and hand sanitisers are also currently in stock - the masks are available in sets of 10 pieces for RM15. Delivery fees also start at RM15.

Nak Beli Mart: nakbeli.com.my

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