My Naturi: Online Store for Fairly Priced Superfoods

April 3, 2021

Promising artisanal raw honey and walnuts from the fields of Moldova and chocolate from the cocoa farms of Malacca, My Naturi is Malaysia's new online marketplace for 'fair priced superfoods' that promote the Fair One Movement. 

This initiative marks My Naturi’s pledge to compensate farmers and food producers at higher-than-market rates and to bring premium produce at reasonable prices to consumers without exorbitant markups.

Patrons who shop at mynaturi.com will support a company that strives to give back to society, by working to raise funds for organisations like SESO (Save Environment, Save Ourselves; which combats food waste and food poverty) and WAO (Women’s Aid Organisation; sheltering women who face abuse).

My Naturi’s flagship temptation is its range of Regina Naturii raw honey, four of which were winners at the 2020 London International Honey Quality Competition.
This honey is sourced from flower fields in Moldova, an Eastern European nation full of farmlands rich with fertile black soil. No sugar or additives are added by the independent beekeepers; the honey's distinctive flavours are a result of bees pollinating different meadows of flowers.

No matter which honey you pick, you'll have 380 grams of natural nectarousness to relish. 

The Linden raw honey ranks among Europe's highest-quality honeys, with a woodlands aroma, ideal for drizzling over bread or cheese (RM29; London Honey Bronze 2020 winner). 

The Lavender honey is well-balanced with hints of lavender blossoms, perfect for accompanying vanilla ice cream and cheese, soothing for a spoonful before bedtime (RM39; London Honey Silver 2020 winner). 

The Sage honey is floral with hints of butterscotch, a delightful drink sweetener or a spread on toast, a traditional remedy for sore throats (RM39; London Honey Silver 2020 winner). 

The Buckwheat honey is earthier and malty, nutrition-packed with a nuttiness that makes it a nifty dessert topper over hot cakes and crepes (RM39). 

The Acacia honey is one of the most coveted, mild, light and low-glycemic, preciously versatile for everything from salad dressings to meat glazes (RM36).

Finally, there's the London Honey Gold 2020 winner, the Poliflower honey (RM29) - the bees are left to roam and pollinate flowers freely, resulting in a complex honey from several species of plants. 

All the honey comes straight from the hive, moved through a low-grain filter before being sent to labs in Europe for purity and safety testing. Once the certified results return, the honey is shipped into Malaysia.

To complement the honey, My Naturi offers Handmade Wooden Honey Dippers (RM10), the ideal tool to spread the honey wherever you like. In tune with My Naturi’s brand values, the dippers are conscientiously made in Malaysia with local phoebe wood, with high-quality, food-grade protective coatings.

For health-aware consumers who love snacking on nuts, try My Naturi's French Fernor Walnuts, harvested from a single hillside orchard within Moldova (starting at RM23 for 250 grams).

These walnuts convey an intense nuttiness that's buoyed by a remarkable freshness - it would be an injustice to relegate them as a side dish or garnish. 

They come in-shell to preserve their original rich taste, enabling them to be stored for a longer time without losing their character. It's best to open them with a dedicated nutcracker, which can be found at neighbourhood grocers as well as on My Naturi's platform soon.

Dark chocolate is a superfood too, with powerful antioxidant properties. My Naturi offers the homegrown nourishment of Neil's Artisan Chocolates, a bean-to-bar maker dedicated to placing Malaysian chocolate on the global stage. 

All of Neil's chocolate bars are sourced directly from cocoa farms. The signature 72% dark chocolate bars are made in small batches, with only two ingredients: Cocoa and organic brown sugar.

In the Malacca Chocolate Bar (Alor Gajah, Malacca; 2020 harvest) available on My Naturi, you can experience aromas of berries, vine-fruit acidity and a lingering malt finish.

My Naturi plans to bolster its store with more fair priced superfoods soon - look out for acai powder from Brazil, pomegranates from Egypt, matcha from Japan, and at least 10 more types of honey from around the world.

My Naturi
Expect delivery within three days for Klang Valley, five days for West Malaysia, and seven days for East Malaysia. Shipping costs RM8 for West Malaysia and RM12 for East Malaysia.