Muo.le: Delivery for Southern Malay Dishes

November 26, 2020

Muo.le's meal deliveries represent generous, gorgeously prepared portions of classic Malay cuisine from peninsular Malaysia's south - the Try Everything Combo Deal is well worth trying indeed, a set of three different recipes with one substantial side for RM55.

The Soto Ayam Mommy is a satisfying rendition of this Indonesian-Malay favourite (regular price RM14). Three pieces of ketupat, neatly sliced into four chunks each, partnered with equally large begedil, chicken, nuts and bean sprouts on crisp soo hoon glass noodles, submerged in savoury spiced soup, rounded out with a thick, strong sambal cili kicap. Every ingredient works to complement each other wonderfully in this soulful ensemble.

The Laksa Joho Mamatok should placate residents of Malaysia's southernmost state for authenticity (regular price RM16). San Remo spaghetti with cucumbers, long beans, bunga kantan and daun kesum in a tantalisingly textured fish-based gravy of ikan parang, still lovely after delivery; the accompanying sambal belacan is extra-punchy, so be cautious while adding it.

Meanwhile from Muar, the Mee Bandung Abah should be a smash for seafood lovers (regular price RM16). Three striking prawns on yellow noodles in a uniquely beefy broth that's deep and rich, with fried tofu, garlic, choy sum and red chillies for plenty of sultry street-fare complexities. This is the heaviest of the meals, so order it if your appetite is hearty.

The set is rounded out with the intriguing Tauhu Begedil Acik Daging that makes for moreish munching, fried tofu cutlets stuffed with potatoes and beef (normal price RM12); there are also chicken and even rabbit variations for this). If we can't travel to Johor right now, Muo.le does a delicious job of bringing the south to us.

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