Mr. Tuk Tuk Chá Káfæ launches newest PJ venue for fuss-free Thai fare in Tropicana Gardens Mall

December 20, 2023

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Mr. Tuk Tuk has launched its latest venue with a new concept for fast-moving, fuss-free convenience, where customers can enjoy Thai temptations all day long in Petaling Jaya's Tropicana Gardens Mall.

Order and pick up your meal at the counter in a snappy self-service experience at Mr. Tuk Tuk Chá Káfæ, opened on 7 December 2023 in a fresh milestone for the brand that has consistently spread throughout the Klang Valley's malls since 2015.

For fans of Mr. Tuk Tuk, check out this new venue, which has introduced new dishes exclusive to Mr. Tuk Tuk Chá Káfæ, such as Khao Kluk Kapi shrimp paste fried rice, Mr. Tuk Tuk Signature Laksa, and Nam Pla Wan young mango with Thai-style rojak sauce.

Also unique to this branch in Tropicana Gardens Mall, the menu evolves throughout the day, so customers have different dishes to sample for breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner.

Mr. Tuk Tuk Chá Káfæ does a delicious job in expanding the essence of Malaysia's homegrown, family-run Mr. Tuk Tuk brand, serving affordable and enjoyable Thai fare for everyone.

For Mr. Tuk Tuk Chá Káfæ's opening promotion till the end of December 2023, get a RM10 voucher for your next visit by spending above RM30 on a single receipt. Also, all drinks are available at RM3.90 during breakfast (10am-12pm) and tea time (3pm-6pm)!

Fun fact: Chá Káfæ - meaning tea and coffee - is inspired by Thai kopitiams, complete with a charming, colourful mural of a busy Bangkok street scene.

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Breakfast begins 10am to 12pm - if you're craving carbs, savour the Khao Kluk Kapi (RM11.90), a traditional shrimp paste fried rice that's a morning favourite for Thais, the Thai equivalent of Malaysian nasi lemak. 

It's a mildly spicy, marvellously flavourful rice platter that comes in a generously hearty portion, packed with plenty of caramelised chicken, omelette, dried cuttlefish, cashew nuts, cucumber and young mango salad.

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If you prefer noodles for breakfast, slurp on Mr. Tuk Tuk Signature Laksa (RM11.90) - slick, smooth and slippery noodles, swimming in Thai red curry soup with mackerel, bunga kantan, torched ginger, pineapple, cucumber, mint leaves and lime. The star is the red curry soup, creamy with a bright, lively tang, true to the Thai hallmarks of a sweet-sour-spicy balance.

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For a quick, fulfilling lunch, 12pm to 3pm, satisfy your taste buds with the Fried Mee Hoon (RM14.90), which also comes with accompaniments galore, including assam chicken and an omelette with shallots and spring onions. A completely ingredient-loaded mee hoon!

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If hunger pangs strike, 3pm to 6pm, have a teatime snack attack with Honey Chicken (RM20.90), lip-smacking skewers with a smoky-sweet char, served with crunchy prawn crackers and vegetarian spring rolls filled with glass noodles, cabbage and carrots.

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For a light treat, try the Nam Pla Wan (RM13.90), smooth slices of young mango, perfectly paired with a Thai-style rojak sauce that blends palm sugar with dried shrimp and shallots.

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Once dinnertime arrives, 6pm to 10pm, the Glass Noodle Salad is ideal for a refreshing evening meal, nourishing and not too heavy, tossed with plenty of prawns, squid, minced chicken, vegetables and lime for balanced, buoyant nutrition with zest and zip.

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And finally, for a charming sweet treat at any time, day or night, munch on Mixed Desserts (RM18.90) - colourfully spectacular for sharing at a wallet-friendly price, featuring foi tong (green bean paste and salted egg yolk strands), tako coconut pudding, water chestnuts with corn, jackfruit seeds with green bean paste, and lok choop mung bean mini fruit sculptures. 

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Beverages also showcase some Thai magic - sip on the Thai Ice Green Tea with Green Tea Jelly (RM8.90) and Ice Chocolate with Coconut Ice Cream (RM7.90), vibrantly reviving on hot, humid afternoons.

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A playful selection of imported Thai snacks is available to purchase at the retail section.

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Mr. Tuk Tuk Chá Káfæ
CC-06, Tropicana Gardens Mall, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 03-8699-4838