Mr. d'Hazard Salai & Dendeng Roy

December 30, 2020

Mr. d’Hazard Salai's Daging Salai is an experience, even when you first open its container and the smoky aroma of the beef hits you. The meat bears the typical chew of Malaysia's equivalent of jerky, swathed in the spice and santan of its quintessential lemak cili api gravy - one of the most popular kampung-style dishes that can be delivered to you.

One serving costs RM45, suitable for three or four people to share. The pure meat of the daging salai can also be ordered on its own at around RM20 for a 250-gram packet. Other salai specialities by Mr. d’Hazard include chicken, duck and catfish.

Mr. d’Hazard Salai
WhatsApp 010-432-5917
Cash on delivery available for Putrajaya, Kajang, Bangi, Puchong and Seri Kembangan.

From Opah with love, a lunchbox with a three-generations-old legacy: The Perak-born family that founded Dendeng Roy has long prepared this traditional recipe every Aidilfitri - in 2018, they began selling it during the fasting month and have since turned it into an all-year-round delivery special.

The dark, dry-and-oily beef is served a little more moist than typical , coming in a complete meal with plenty of rice and cucumbers for a kampung-style serving. With a nuanced depth of sweetness, savouriness and spice, surfacing from seven hours of cooking, it might look simple, but it's soulfully satisfying - the dendeng is free of artificial preservatives but can be stored for a few days even at room temperature (RM8; minimum of five boxes per location for each order).

The name Roy? That's apparently Mak's nickname in this family.

Dendeng Roy
To order, Whatsapp 013-402-8898

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