Mr. Chow Liquor Store: Yum Seng with Chinese New Year 2024 alcohol delivery, gift sets & festive promotions

January 18, 2024

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Celebrate this Lunar New Year with Mr. Chow Liquor Store, serving all our alcohol delivery needs for bottles throughout West Malaysia to brighten the festivities!

Explore Mr. Chow Liquor Store's wide selection of 100% genuine brands, perfect for reunion feasts and parties, personal gatherings and corporate gifting, and even weddings! 

Mr. Chow Liquor Store promises classic choices of whiskies and wines, Champagnes and cognacs, sake and soju, and much more, as well as seasonal sets such as the coveted Hennessy x Team Wang design collaboration and the Big Peat The Bak-Kut-Teh Edition!

There's extra reason to indulge this Chinese New Year: Sign up for an account on Mr. Chow Liquor Store's website and use the promo code EDKL35 by 15 February 2024 to enjoy RM35 off a minimum spend of RM600 (limited to one redemption per member). Members gain access to more exclusive promotions in the future!

Sip the finest for less to usher in the Year of the Dragon - Mr. Chow promises a value-for-money experience, including last-minute orders. Top up RM40 for express delivery to ensure same-day or next-day delivery in the Klang Valley. 

Mr. Chow Liquor Store offers lots of thoughtful touches for hassle-free CNY purchases. You can order via WhatsApp through a dedicated customer care team - contact Joyce at +6016-956-2840. For orders sent by courier, all bottles will be packaged with bubble wrap. 

Looking for liquor recommendations to toast with family, friends and colleagues? Here are eight auspicious CNY choices from Mr. Chow Liquor Store!

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Auchentoshan is one of the few lowland distilleries still operating in Scotland. This style of whisky is typically characterised as “lighter” than most other single malts, with the traditional triple-distilling method of lowland malts producing a gentler base spirit. Still, there is more flavour to this golden-honey malt than you might expect!

This Auchentoshan 12-year-old expression is elegant and refined, with classic Auchentoshan notes of vanilla and almonds. Every last drop of this spectacular Scotch is triple-distilled and then matured for over 12 years, smooth and sweet with hints of barley, tangerine and lime leading to a gingery finish and lingering nuttiness.

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The creation and perfection of Roku is based on more than 100 years of experience and expertise. Every bottle of Suntory Roku Gin contains six very special botanicals that are sourced exclusively in Japan - Sakura flower, Sakura leaves, Sencha tea, Gyokuro tea, Sansho pepper and Yuzu peels. Suntory has developed its own multiple distillation processes to bring out the character of each botanical and perfectly balance the complex, multi-layered mix.

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Mortlach 12 Years Speyside Single Malt Scotch [700ML]

This Speyside single malt is double matured in American ex-bourbon and European ex-sherry casks and bottled at 43.4% ABV, Its exceptional flavour bridges the gap between boasting bold flavours without big smoke, with a balance of oak and sandalwood to the nose, sweet and spicy with notes of Demerara, dark chocolate, cherry jam and light tobacco on the palate.

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Glenfiddich 12 Years Speyside Single Malt [700ML]

Glenfiddich 12 Years is the brand’s signature expression, carefully matured in the finest American oak and European sherry oak casks for a minimum of 12 years. Fresh and fruity to the nose with hints of pear, it persists with notes of butterscotch, malt and subtle oak on the palate, with a long, silky and mellow finish.

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Elevate your whisky collection with the Big Peat The Bak-Kut-Teh Edition and Big Peat Islay set. Crafted for discerning Malaysian connoisseurs, this dynamic duo promises a unique experience that marries the bold richness of Islay with the aromatic flavours of Bak-Kut-Teh! The Bak-Kut-Teh Edition conveys the warm, herbal embrace of cultural craftsmanship, while Big Peat Islay's maritime peatiness gently fades while leaving a lingering impression. 

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The collaboration of Hennessy V.S.O.P X TEAM WANG yields a limited-edition blend that celebrates cultural sophistication, bringing together Hennessy with the renowned artist and entrepreneur Jackson Wang.

Hennessy V.S.O.P X TEAM WANG is a harmonious fusion of rich and velvety cognac. Its luxurious and complex taste profile, coupled with notes of oak, fruits and a hint of vanilla, glides through a sensorial journey to resonate with the Malaysian palate.

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch [750ML]

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a Gold Medal award-winning blend created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge to celebrate nearly 200 years of the art of blending.

This Scotch whisky is crafted to perfection using award-winning whiskies, including fruity Highland malts such as Clynelish and lighter Speyside malts for sweetness and spice, combined with those from the Scottish islands for the signature smoky finish. 

Inside a prestigious gold bottle at the standard 40% ABV, it opens to the nose with heather honey aromas and woody notes, vibrant with tropical fruits and creamy vanilla to the palate.