Mr. Chow Liquor Store: All's well, ends well with Malaysia's affordable alcohol delivery service

December 21, 2022

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As fast as a flying kick, as smooth as a knife slicing through char siew, Mr. Chow Liquor Store offers easy, efficient deliveries of our favourite whiskies and wines, Champagnes and cognacs, sake and soju, and much more, straight to our doorstep to drink.

With a name inspired by Hong Kong action-comedy icon Stephen Chow, Mr. Chow Liquor Store strives to be a fun online platform with super-competitive prices and stellar service. Relying on 100% genuine products sourced directly from certified importers, it has received numerous five-star reviews from customers since its 2020 inception.

Mr. Chow's goal is to make purchasing alcohol affordable, hassle-free and satisfying, summarised in its philosophy of Peng Leng Jeng - low-cost and high-quality, value for money.

Whether you need to stock up on your personal stash, secure a steady supply for your bar, or get a great deal for a party, wedding or special occasion, mrchowliquorstore.com is that one-stop solution. And if you need extra guidance or recommendations, just chat with Chris (for English-speaking preferences) at +6017-516588 or Joyce (for Chinese-speaking preferences) at +6016-9562840 or email [email protected].

Bonus: If you're in the mood to make merry, Mr. Chow Liquor Store has lots of festive promotions for Christmas and Chinese New Year, so this is the season to check them out!

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Browsing and shopping at Mr. Chow Liquor Store is fun and simple. Everything is cleanly and conveniently categorised - jump straight to the gins or vault to the vodkas, whatever you want.

Cost is Mr. Chow's cornerstone - in many cases, it's even cheaper to purchase your bottles from Mr. Chow and enjoy them at a restaurant while paying the corkage charge, instead of ordering from the restaurant's beverage menu at retail prices. 

Convenience is another forte of Mr. Chow - just a few clicks online and you'll receive your delivery at your address. No need to lug a heavy duty-free purchase home from the airport.

There's even a slick new feature now: Checkout by Customer Service. Customers can contact Chris or Joyce to place their order - Mr. Chow's customer service will process the entire order, without you having to even log in or click anything!

Free delivery in Peninsular Malaysia is available for orders exceeding RM450. Track your order to arrive in two to five working days (RM20 delivery fee in the Klang Valley, RM30 outside); same-day delivery in the Klang Valley costs RM40 for orders placed before 4pm.

Bookmark mrchowliquorstore.com for bundle bargains, flash sales and clearance offers. There's even a section called Cocktales that serves up informative features, such as tips on choosing the right red wine, explanations on the difference between Champagne and Prosecco, and a primer on premium cognacs.

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We had a delivery of Japanese joy in the form of gin, whisky , sent to us in PJ completely hassle-free. Here are our best bets for an introductory order from Mr. Chow Liquor Store.

Try the Tenjaku Japanese Gin, a craft gin that captures the botanical aromatics of Japan, showcasing notes of sansho pepper, yuzu, green tea and peaches from Yamanashi prefecture.

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Suntory Roku Gin is a popular sight in Malaysia's most respected bars - we can't resist it as a gin and tonic. Its bountiful harvest of botanicals pay homage to Japan, evoking sakura flowers and leaves, sencha and gyokuro teas, sansho peppers and yuzu peels.


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Want a whisky to pair with a Stephen Chow-inspired Sorrowful Rice bowl of char siew and egg? Experiment with the velvety, well-balanced Tenjaku Pure Malt Japanese Whisky!

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Want some wonderful whisky to relish at your next celebratory reunion, perhaps to sip slowly while watching All’s Well, Ends Well for the 18th time? Nikka is the name on our lips.

Nikka Super Rare Old Japanese Blended

Nikka Black Special Japanese Blended

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