Make Hay, Sunshine: Beautiful gifting of fresh seasonal fruit boxes with a floral flourish

March 16, 2022

Brilliant berries at their prime, juicy citrus fruits that couldn't be fresher, carefully sourced from throughout the globe, brimming beautifully with fragrant flowers in pinewood boxes for thoughtful gifts: Make Hay, Sunshine has become one of Malaysia's fastest-growing purveyors of designer fruit box deliveries, thanks to its pursuit of perfection in produce and presentation.

Make Hay, Sunshine began as a family-run business for imported whole foods in 2020; it now focuses on imported fruit boxes with exquisite floral arrangements, plus bouquets and other gift sets that make a memorably bright, cheerful statement.

Everything in the box embraces the harvest of the earth - from ripe fruits of the vine that hail from as far as South America to real dried wheat, eucalyptus, caspia leaves and green bedding fillers that adorn the sets, meticulously trimmed from the branch on the morning of delivery. There's nothing artificial to Make Hay, Sunshine's allure.

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Make Hay, Sunshine remains a resolutely family business that has evolved naturally. Mom was formerly a florist known for her tasteful compositions back in the 1990s. Her two daughters now focus on in-house creative media and managing order fulfillments, while their two brothers handle the e-commerce tech and marketing. Their current team of ten works in a Bandar Utama space filled with plants, ribbons, stationery and other supplies. 

After selling thousands of gift boxes, Make Hay, Sunshine has fine-tuned the configurations of what customers love best. On busy days, it sends out over 100 boxes, packed to bursting with mindfully chosen imported fruits of fine quality, such as large Korean strawberries and premium fruit varietals that are perfect for special occasions. With a 4.8-star Google review rating, it's clear that Make Hay, Sunshine has numerous happy patrons.

Fruit supplies come in everyday, consistently boxed and sent out within one or two days. All fruits are painstakingly checked - if a bunch of grapes is blemished or overripe, it won't be packaged but will be consumed by the team and their families, curbing food wastage. 

Gifting is made as fuss-free as possible, with delivery anywhere in KL & Selangor. Recipients are contacted before delivery to ensure the fruits arrive at their fresh peak. Recipients can keep and reuse the sturdy wooden boxes for their household needs.

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The Fruit & Bark collection is the quintessential box - this is Make Hay, Sunshine's bestseller, packed in a custom-made solid pinewood box that catches the eye even before we lift the lid. The boxes include choices of evergreen wood stain colours that promise a vibrant hue without changing the wood's original grain, complete with a satin ribbon and personal message card.

The box's contents change regularly. Possibilities span Colombian granadillas and ground berries to Vietnamese white dragon fruit, Australian white peaches and more, from avocados to blueberries, gold kiwis to red grapes. Find out more at makehaysunshine.com/collections/fruit-bark-signature-wooden-fruit-boxes

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For a less elaborate, everyday ensemble, the Sunshine Fruit Box, which comes in cardboard boxes, is still a step up from a conventional fruit hamper, certain to make your recipient's day.

See the Sunshine Fruit Boxes:

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If you love the wooden box but want a more inexpensive selection, the Pocket Sunshine is ideal, in a smaller keepsake square box. Find the selection at makehaysunshine.com/products/pocket-sunshine-a-keepsake-wooden-fruit-gift-box

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Other curated sets that blossom with more than fruits and flowers include Decadence, a delicious delight with Godiva G Cube Chocolate Truffles: 


The Duchess is a regal pick with instant tea by Whittard of Chelsea, looking like a garden in a windowed gift box: makehaysunshine.com/products/the-duchess-with-whittard-tea

A Rose or Two features a 100% naturally derived rose petal body scrub by Handmade Heroes: makehaysunshine.com/products/a-rose-or-two-with-handmade-heroes-body-scrub

The Pamper Box is a self-care pleasure with the rose petal body scrub by Handmade Heroes, premium fig tea by Mutiara Figs and kombucha by Wonderbrew: 

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Special gift sets are also available for festive celebrations - keep an eye out for the Ramadan collection very soon!

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Make Hay, Sunshine