Mak Cik Wong: Chili Pan Mee Delivery

October 17, 2020

Here are a few things we know about KL’s new pan mee delivery service, Mak Cik Wong Chili Pan Mee. Mak Cik Wong worked in advertising for 13 years before her passion for cooking prompted her to start this business. She’s a longtime fan of chilli pan mee; when she experimented with a halal version for her many Malay friends, they convinced her to launch this brand.

And we know her pan mee is delicious.

Mak Cik Wong offers two varieties: Chili Pan Mee (RM11.90) and Chili Pan Mee Special (RM13.90). The highlight is the chilli paste, her own recipe, moderately spicy, packing just the right level of heat and flavour to not overpower everything else. Of course, customers can request it kurang pedas too.

Also worth highlighting is the minced chicken, with a soy-like sweetness, complementing the slightly thick, springy noodles, soft egg, fibre-packed bayam and crunchy ikan bilis - all the great essentials of chilli pan mee, with none of the cloying greasiness. 

The Special adds in densely textured fish balls.

Mak Cik Wong Chili Pan Mee operates out of Desa Pandan. Contact her at 013-609-6307 or order online here, a day in advance. Catering is available for 10 bowls and above (preorder three days in advance for bulk orders).

Many thanks to Mak Cik Wong for a tasty lunch.

Mak Cik Wong Chili Pan Mee
Order online
Available for delivery Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm. Tel: 013-609-6307

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