Maison Oishi: Home cooking made easy with premium meat, seafood & sauces

March 10, 2021

From baking your own salmon to searing a steak at home, premium food importer Maison Oishi believes that anyone can make a great meal with the right ingredients. Even clueless home cooks will find this easy, with the fundamentals taken care of - order your favourite seafood, meat, noodles and sauces from maisonoishi.com.my and follow the recommended preparation methods on the packaging to whip up your next delicious dinner.

Maison Oishi was born of a family-run seafood wholesaler with over 18 years of experience in importing, processing and selling food products to the public, restaurants and businesses. 

It focuses on a user-friendly experience, from the ordering process to the packaging, with prices that prove lower than what you'll find at supermarkets for similar produce.

Pretty much all of Maison Oishi's offerings are Muslim-friendly, with a list of halal-certified items available. A few imported condiments such as prepackaged sauces from Japan might not be strictly halal, but customers can always consult Maison Oishi by sending them a message before ordering.

We recently enjoyed a visit to Maison Oishi's retail outlet in Selayang. 

Patrons will notice a window that offers a full view into the processing hall, for a firsthand glimpse into how carefully Maison Oishi handles its produce, from the cleaning and cutting to the weighing and packaging. Every precaution is taken to ensure a product of impeccable quality and hygiene reaches you. 

Maison Oishi even handles door-to-door deliveries itself (within one to three days of ordering in the Klang Valley), instead of leaving the responsibility to third-party platforms. 

This means plenty of savings for the customer, since Maison Oishi is a premium food wholesaler that sells directly to the customer instead of through supermarkets and has no third-party delivery fees to pass on.

Products even come with cooking instructions, so you have a starting point on how to ideally create your meal.

From the fjords of Norway to your frying pan: Recommendations by Maison Oishi include the Norwegian Salmon Trout (starting at RM75 for one kilogram), best grilled, oven-baked, fried or pan-seared. 

Cook it the Maison Oishi way: Pat the trout with sea salt and black pepper, then pan-sear it immediately; the trout releases enough oil to cook with on its own. This is a simple but superbly satisfying meal that's ready within minutes - the trout is flaky and fine-tasting, equivalent to what an excellent eatery serves, with a beautiful tenderness that the entire family will relish.

You won't even need cooking for the Atlantic Salmon Sashimi Cut (RM30 for 300 grams), fabulously fresh out of the box, like feasting in a Japanese restaurant. After you've preordered this, Maison Oishi will slice the salmon to order before delivery, so you can savour its lusciousness straightaway. 

You can also add your own personal touch to the salmon by torching it, for a richer, deeper flavour with hints of smokiness.

Hot-blooded carnivores will lust after Maison Oishi's selection of succulent steaks.

The 200-day grain-fed Australian Black Angus Sirloin is a mouthwatering masterwork (RM200 for 1kg; pictured is about 300g).

Similar to the salmon, the steak can be done quickly with no special cooking skills. Some sea salt, pepper and pan-frying yields as juicy and robust a steak as we crave, a testament to the prime purity of the beef. 

You can even rival KL's top steakhouses by picking premium cuts like Wagyu Ribeye MB6 and MB9.

Beyond meat and seafood, Maison Oishi offers other options for a balanced meal at home. 

For instance, you can prepare pasta to pair with the salmon by ordering pre-boiled spaghetti - RM2.50 for 200g is sufficient per person. Sink it in hot water for about 10 seconds, and voila, it's all set! Season it or sauce it however you want.

Speaking of sauces, Maison Oishi's highlights include the Tom Yam Cream Sauce (RM10 for 300g), which replicates the tangy taste of a mildly spicy tom yam perfectly, with a thick, creamy consistency. 

It’s a stellar sauce that's so simple to make, you won't even need water. Defrost, put it in a pan on medium heat, stir, then serve.

It's fun to browse Maison Oishi's website to imagine all the kinds of meals you could make.

We're dreaming of devouring the Kirara Japonica Rice (RM9.50 for 1kg) with ikura (RM50 for 100g), a comforting, umami-rich recipe that partners the sticky scrumptiousness of short-grain rice with briny, burst-in-the-mouth salmon roe.

Check out maisonoishi.com.my or visit their retail outlet for more inspirations to tickle your taste buds.

Maison Oishi (KMC Distribution Sdn Bhd, company registration 745591-H)
22, Jalan Bidara 1, Taman Bidara, 68100 Selayang, Selangor.

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm; Saturday, 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm. Tel: 016-265-8888