Main Place Mall: Grab, Go, Gong Xi Fa Cai

January 23, 2019

The splendour of the Lunar New Year has blossomed at Main Place Mall, transformed into an Oriental Sanctuary of Spring throughout the weeks ahead. From activities like acrobatic lion dances and orchestral performances to Chinese drum workshops and God of Prosperity walkabouts, plus Oriental Ang Pao Sets and Dining Sets available for redemption, this is the one-stop destination in Subang for festive fun with family and friends.

While participating in the Count The Hanging Lanterns Contest or Chinese Chess Competition, or donating to the Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Children's Home (under a CSR program, titled the 'Spread Your Love Project,' customers can head to the donation booth on the Ground Floor to fill up the CSR Form, select the preferred donation items on the form, and submit the form and donation to the Information Counter), you'll want to reload and recharge at some casual, convenient eateries. 

Main Place Mall has a delightful mix of grab-and-go eateries that are convenient for shoppers seeking a light and easy bite that's free of hassle. Check out our five recommendations for what to munch on at Main Place Mall as you walk around and experience all the exciting activities!

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
Lower Ground, LG-K-07

Bringing Taipei's night market magic to the heart of the USJ neighbourhood, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks promises crowd-pulling meals like the Happy! Ricebox, putting a smile on our faces with XXL Crispy Chicken partnered with smooth, cold tofu and diced century egg, for a true taste of traditional Taipei (RM11.30). The Sweet Plum Potato Fries have long been a sharing favourite, served chunky, tender and fresh (RM5.50, or large for RM6.50).

Coolers to combat our climate: Ensure you remain hydrated throughout your gatherings with vibrant beverages like the Honey Lemon Cooler, the Winter Melon Tea, and the Smoked Plum Juice, perfectly packaged for drinking on the move (RM3.80 each). Meanwhile, Lemon Ai-Yu Jelly with Honey should satisfy every desire for dessert to sweeten up your get-together (RM4.50). Every one comes in a translucent package that makes them portable and easy to handle on the move. 

Shihlin's Chinese New Year promotion is worth noting: Spend RM20 in a single receipt here to receive a Limited Edition We Bare Bears Hong Bao; if you spend RM50 in a single receipt, you'll also get a Limited Edition We Bare Bears Orange Carrier Bag on top of that (available until 4 February).

Q-Eggettes & Snack Delights

Lower Ground, LG-K-10

We move on to Hong Kong next for the inspiration for the ever-popular egg waffles. Q-Eggettes specialises in Eggcellence in Eggxecution, having mastered the craft of offering more than 30 types of egg waffles for nearly the past half-decade at Main Place Mall.

Our best bets here span both the savoury and the sweet, from the Cheese & Sausage Eggette (RM8.50) to the Chocolate Eggette (RM5.80), catering for the young at heart but capable of cheering all generations. There's even a Malaysian twist or two to these specialities, specifically in the playful Pandan Eggette with Corn (RM7). Best eaten in good company as you walk and laugh and tear apart the eggettes to share.

This outpost also serves about 50 beverages from Teaddict, a medley of milk teas, fruit teas and smoothies that make Q-Eggettes an all-round, all-star snack stop. Bestsellers to make your new year even more auspicious include the Pearl Milk Tea (RM5.90, or large for RM6.90), and Yakult Mango Juice (RM6.50, or large for RM7.50). 

Lower Ground, LG-K-06

Time for a Homegrown Hero: Juicyes is a family-helmed business whose founders reside in USJ themselves, embodying Main Place Mall's tagline, Your Neighbourhood Mall. You might spot them chatting merrily with customers and other outlet owners as they proceed with their work.

Juice and smoothie mixes here are based on 100 percent fruit juice, with no added sugar or water, and ice cubes only by request. The wholesome fruit juice recipes are conceived and constructed from scratch, with over 20 available combinations, such as the Cutie Crush juice, a rejuvenating mellow blend of apple, celery and cucumber (RM6.90, or large for RM7.90), and the Sweet + Sour smoothie, sparking joy with the lustrous tang of soursop, dragon fruit, mango juice and yogurt (RM7.90, or large for RM8.90), ideal if your Chinese New Year resolution is to eat and drink healthier!

True to the ethos of promoting local favourites, a small selection of classic Malaysian staples is available to accompany your drink, including the Fruit Rojak with a Penang-inspired rojak sauce and prawn crackers (RM7.90), the Crispy Popiah with a plump, juicy-lively crunch (RM3.90, two for RM8), and the Tauhu Sumbat, thick and robustly rich (RM7). Grab these to go with your friends and spread the joy!

Hot Wings & Seaweed Club
Lower Ground, LG-K-02
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Bringing together two brands in a single space, Hot Wings and Seaweed Club promise more variety to choose from, ensuring there's something for everyone - a plentiful feast that remains affordable as you usher in the Year of the Boar!

Hot Wing's Single Combo comes with six pieces of chicken wings in one of seven sauces and one of four sides of your choice (RM14). Pictured is the Single Combo with wings in BBQ sauce and coleslaw, and another set of wings with honey glaze sauce and rice.

For more ravenous appetites, the Hot Chick Set makes the temperature rise with a whole chicken leg or another half-dozen wings, plus two sides and a mineral water (RM16.80). We recommend it with the signature secret sauce, simultaneously sweet and spicy.

For Seaweed Club, the Meal Combo is the full-meal equivalent - a bowl of soupy noodles, plus a seaweed roll and a Homesoy drink, for only RM14.50. Each bowl of noodles is brimming with seaweed, chicken, egg, and carrots - options include the tom yam-like Spicy Soup Noodle and the lighter-nuanced Nourishing Seaweed Soup (noodles are also available a la carte at RM8 each).

There are eight seaweed rolls offered, featuring the same base of carrot, sweet turnip, cucumber and of course, seaweed - half of them add in chicken floss with different sauces, while the others comprise tuna, crab stick, egg and vegetarian variations. These are available a la carte at just RM6, and can be easily brought with you. 

LIANG Sandwich Bar
Lower Ground, LG-22

Wrap-scallion: LIANG Sandwich Bar has rapidly become a household name in Malaysia with its scallion sandwiches endorsed by Mandopop star Jay Chou. A sandwich is filling enough to be a fuss-free lunch or dinner on its own, one of the easiest meals to stroll around with as you explore this season's colourful highlights at Main Place Mall.

LIANG Sandwich Bar stocks 11 variations of sandwiches; its series of chicken sandwiches comes especially recommended. The LIANG Chicken Sandwich boasts hefty slices of meat (RM9.90), while the Black Pepper Chicken Sandwich and the Chicken Bolognese Sandwich steep their stuffing of minced chicken in thick, tasty sauces (RM9.90 each). Don't mistake LIANG's own-made wraparound for roti canai; it's crispier and more substantial in texture, with an eggy, full-bodied flavour, best enjoyed with the sandwich bar's own brand of Organic Soya, served pleasantly hot (RM3.90). For a full meal on the go, this is the best choice. 

For more information, please log on to www.mainplace.com.my/index.

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