Macarons by Madeleine: Gifts that bring artistic beauty to any occasion

May 16, 2021

Macarons handcrafted into your favourite Pokemon and comic-book characters, or shaped like a laughing emoji, or resembling kittens, bunnies and even unicorns, complete with hand-painted illustrations in edible icing: Macarons by Madeleine transforms basic macarons into memorable artistic marvels, a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Founder Madeleine Lew has perfected the craft of macaron masterpieces over the past few years, turning a self-taught, part-time labour of love into a profession that has provided joy to many Malaysians.

If you've received customised macarons for Aidilfitri etched with portraits of ketupat or Christmas macarons that looked like Santa and snowmen, you might have already had a first-hand look at Macarons by Madeleine. If you're seeking a fun but thoughtful present to brighten up someone's month, let Madeleine make you some extra-special macarons, personalised with playful themes, words and images.

Madeleine makes sure these macarons not only look fantastic, they taste fabulous, with six standard crowd-pleasing flavours - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, lemon and mango - that start from RM40 per box of 10 macarons.

Seasonal flavours are also available: Past varieties include matcha, coconut yam, lychee rose, pandan gula melaka, peppermint, red velvet, blueberry, and peanut butter. 

Customers have ordered these gorgeous gems for celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries, for corporate gifts, and for their own casual, cheerful consumption. Heart-shaped macarons? No problem! Panda-faced macarons? Totally cool too.

Macarons by Madeleine is also a platform for Madeleine, a former banker, to express her creativity through colours, drawings and patterns. Whether you prefer your macarons pretty in pastel or punchy in vibrant hues, these lovingly handmade cuties will charm and cheer every recipient.

For the full experience, order the gift boxes (starting at RM65 for nine pieces), which come in the ideal design for your occasion, neatly packed in boxes with a ribbon, gift card and paper bag. Other premium gift set bundles with flowers and other accessories are available by request.

Going more elaborate? The majestic, multiple-tiered Macaron Towers, stacked up as a Pinterest-friendly statement piece for the dessert table, are elegantly perfect for weddings, bridal and baby showers, housewarming gatherings and full moon parties (RM148 for a small tower or RM198 for a large tower).

Contact Madeleine for orders, to be placed at least one or two days in advance of delivery - convenient if you need a fast, fuss-free gift that goes beyond a store-bought cake. These freshly piped macarons are best consumed immediately but can be refrigerated for a week.

All photos are courtesy of Macarons by Madeleine. 

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