Lumut Crackers: Prawn crackers bring a Lumut family's recipes to the world

March 29, 2021

The flavours of Pangkor: Lumut Crackers was born of a Lumut family's recipe for prawn crackers that became so popular, it went from being a household staple to a favourite purchase for visitors to Pulau Pangkor.

Nearly two decades after it first surfaced on retail shelves, Lumut Crackers’ MyReal range is now sold not merely in Malaysia but in stores from Singapore to South Korea, the Philippines to Taiwan and Canada.

But its recipe remains as honest and time-honoured as ever, relying on crustaceans caught in northern Malaysian waters for a true taste of a coastal heritage.

These are intentionally meant to be relatively healthier snacks - as the name MyReal promises, these crackers are authentically made with real prawns, free of artificial colouring and preservatives. Plus, you won't feel excessively thirsty after munching on them.

Lumut Crackers was first founded in 2003, but it has expanded most dramatically in the past eight years under the leadership of its managing director, Lim Xin Wen. 

Lim's aunt was the one who originally created Lumut Crackers’ homemade prawn cracker recipe, which was particularly coveted every Chinese New Year. Lim himself has been a lifelong fan of snacks, prowling supermarkets as a child seeking the latest tidbits. He earned a degree in biotechnology, but he left that career to enter the F&B sector in pursuit of his genuine passion.

Since 2013, Lim has transformed Lumut Crackers from a cottage industry business into a full-fledged manufacturing plant that's a commercial distributor for MyReal snacks to supermarket chains and an exporter. 

It is also now an e-commerce merchant under the brand name of Lumut Gourmet Snacks - customers can purchase online at lumutcrackers.com and have these tasty snacks conveniently delivered to them.

The MyReal Premium Prawn Crackers come in cracker slice or stick forms, packaged in travel-friendly pouches or in canisters and boxes. The pouches are conveniently resealable, so you can easily store them to consume whenever you want.

These are top-quality crackers, dense and substantial, with weight and heft. They have a snappy, fresh-textured crunch, with a clean, rich taste of prawns that makes each bite addictively pleasurable. This is a snack we'd happily return to again and again.

The traditional Original is the ideal introduction, but you can discover Lumut Crackers in a variety of flavours, including playful modern choices like Salted Egg Yolk and Fragrant Spicy. These bring extra dynamics to the crackers without overpowering their fundamental prawn flavour - the Salted Egg Yolk has a lovely savoury depth, while Fragrant Spicy lends a lively chill-fuelled heat. 

Customers can currently also check out Lumut Crackers’ festive Aidilfitri promotion, promising 8 canisters of 100g MyReal Premium Prawn Crackers Sticks in the Original flavour at only RM100. That’s RM12.50 per canister - ideal to satisfy your snacking needs throughout the Ramadan and Raya season.

For customers who remember the joy of giving and receiving snacks purchased while travelling to northern Malaysia, Lumut Crackers now offers an incredibly convenient way to share the happiness of Perak's most popular prawn crackers with friends and family for every occasion, from Aidilfitri to Chinese New Year.

Order online on lumutcrackers.com for one of Malaysia's most quintessentially beloved snacks, guaranteed to bring a smile to any recipient.

Lumut Crackers