Loulou's VSC & Cuppies: Victoria sponge cakes & cupcakes, from berries to Biscoff to butterscotch

May 4, 2021

High-quality cakes by a high school student: Of Malaysia's many home-based food businesses born this past year, Loulou’s VSC & Cuppies is the rare one started by a 16-year-old student. Emira, now 17, is the lead baker responsible for all of Loulou’s luscious temptations. 

Fun fact #1: Loulou's specialises in two top treats - VSC is the family favourite, the English classic Victoria sponge cake, sandwiched with buttercream and compote, while Cuppies are cupcakes, available in VSC and other multilayered varieties.

Fun fact 2: Loulou is the name of the family's beloved cat, a beautiful and well-behaved British Shorthair. No worries - Loulou keeps far from the baking station, so she isn't part of the cake-making process!

Many thanks to Emira and her family for having us in their home to watch her at work.

It all begins with butter, front and centre in copiously generous portions on the kitchen counter. 

Loulou’s tested multiple butters for taste and texture before choosing the La Belle brand. 

This French salted butter, smooth, tender and aromatic, comes closest to creating Loulou's ideal sponge cake, meant to evoke the London experience - except that it's less sweet, since the baker's grandmother isn't a fan of too much sugar!

The butter and other premium ingredients, including flour and vanilla extract, become the base for all of Loulou's cakes.

Emira is still in her teens, but she has been baking for nearly 10 years - she picked up the hobby while helping her aunt, a professional baker.

Watching her, it's clear the entire process is second nature to Emira, with her precise and polished movements. Not a minute is wasted - while the cake is in the oven, she's busy with other tasks, such as crafting a butterscotch sauce.

With the cake fresh out of the oven, the Victoria sandwich is assembled. This cake has its roots in the 1800s, named for Britain's Queen Victoria, reputedly invented by one of her ladies-in-waiting as a teatime indulgence for the monarch. 

Step by step, Emira does justice to a cake that'll look thrilling on the table, perfect for a celebration.

This VSC showcases a homemade berry compote that you'll relish in every bite, made with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, tangy and naturally fruity-sweet, terrific with the light buttercream and moist, fluffy sponge cake, topped with fresh strawberries.

Loulou's spent a year refining this VSC recipe, reducing the sugar while striking a balance with other ingredients to ensure it's satisfyingly rich without being suffocatingly cloying. The result is a triumph, as delectable a Victoria sponge cake as a veteran baker would make.

Loulou's also offers playful variations of the Victoria sponge cake. Try the Butterscotch, a nutty delight with plenty of pecans, walnuts and almonds, rounded out with a homemade butterscotch sauce that's not overly sugary or syrupy. The full-sized version is crowned with Ferrero Rocher. 

Loulou's Cuppies cupcakes include conveniently smaller renditions of the VSC - spectacular for sampling and snacking, with the same ingredients as its larger sibling.

The Biscoff is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, packed with Lotus caramelised goodness, with Biscoff spread and crumbles taking over in between the layers, plus the biscuit on top for pure Biscoff bliss.

Loulou’s cakes come in various shapes and sizes for every occasion. 

Full-sized cakes start at RM60 for a two tier six-inch cake, rising to RM140 for a three-tier nine-inch cake. 

Square cakes are available too, which can be sliced into 4.5-inch quarters for RM32 each. 

Cakes can be requested naked (without berries and nuts) if desired. 

The Cuppies come in boxes of six (RM35), nine (RM45) and 12 (RM55). 

Medium-sized Petites are also available for RM12 each (minimum order of five per box). 

Loulou’s delivers from Petaling Jaya, with delivery rates based on Lalamove. They recommend ordering at least one day before delivery but can sometimes accept same-day orders received before 9am.

Loulou’s VSC
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