Long Live Hot Pot: All-in-one online steamboat delivery in KL and Selangor

August 19, 2020

Just add water: Long Live Hot Pot makes enjoying a steamboat meal at home as comfortable and convenient as a few online clicks, delivering full sets of everything you need for a family dinner, from the equipment to the ingredients.

You can place your order before heading home from work, and your hot pot might reach your doorstep at the same time as you - fresh meat, seafood and vegetables, soup pastes and sauces, even cutlery, paper bowls, tissues and toothpicks, all in a customised tote bag that you also get to keep. You can order the pot and burner as add-ons.

Full details are at longlivehotpot.com - but read more for our behind-the-scenes peek at this independent steamboat service.

Housemates and business partners Jeremy and Yi Jing warmly welcomed us into their Sungai Besi home, where they've operated Long Live Hot Pot for just over a month now. Most of their living room has been converted into a storage space, with large fridges, freezers and storage containers.

When an order is placed, a loud alarm alerts the duo, who spring into action swiftly, arranging for the order to be sent out within mere minutes.

Orders are typically delivered within one hour to 90 minutes of confirmation, depending on distance and traffic. Jeremy and Yi Jing also strive to answer all queries immediately, achieving a one-minute response time on Facebook. If you need hot pot now and don’t want to risk being left on read, Long Live Hot Pot is the way to go.

Two kinds of steamboat sets are available, the pork set and the seafood set, for two or four persons.

This pork set for two comprises pork shoulder and belly meat, about 100 to 110 grams each. The meat is sourced fresh in its original form from a reputable supplier, sliced only when required. The meat tastes clean and fresh, with none of the odour that wrinkles your nose.

Also included are eight different tidbits: cheese chicken sausage, seafood tofu, cheese seafood tofu, chicken meatballs, cuttlefish balls, bursting pork balls, lobster balls and otak-otak balls. Mushrooms and veggies - enoki, king oyster, carrots, corn and Chinese cabbage - as well as yee mee and mee hoon complete the delivery.

The seafood set for two swaps the pork for wild sea prawns, red snapper and squid from Pulau Ketam. Jeremy and Yi Jing gut, clean and slice the fish themselves. The seafood also meets the mark for freshness, the crustaceans being notably sweet.

The four soup bases comprise the best-selling pork bone collagen, healthier Vitamin C tomato, spicy-sour tom yum, and Szechuan-style mala. All come with homemade chilli soy sesame sauce and dried chilli, ensuring a flavourful kick for your steamboat across the range.

Time to cook! The process is quick and easy, even for those of us who usually only order ready-to-eat food. 

Fill the pot with water, light the burner, place it under the pot, put the paste into the water and stir it thoroughly.

Bring the soup to boil, then add ingredients. Wait for it to boil again, and your food should be ready to devour. If you use hot water, it'll be boiling within five minutes, though 10 to 15 minutes is more typical with lukewarm water. 

There really is no need to prepare anything else but water; one customer even ordered a set for a picnic outdoors, so this delicious steamboat can be enjoyed practically anywhere. 

To order Long Live Hot Pot, head to their website, which lists the sets and add-ons in a clear fashion. Many thanks to Long Live Hot Pot for having us.

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