Kura's Krafts, Plaza Batai

March 27, 2024

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Come for the dog, stay for the hot dogs at our favourite new craft beer bar in KL: Kura's Krafts in Bukit Damansara's Plaza Batai is a playful place that guarantees a great evening of exploring fun flavours.

If you're fortunate, four-year-old Shiba Inu Kura will be around to welcome you to her delightful den, which specialises in uniquely tasty hot dogs coupled with a constantly changing curation of craft beers, with six varieties on draft and scores by the bottle and can.

Founded by a couple passionate about their drinks, Kura's Krafts is a friendly, fuss-free venue where first-time customers become fast regulars, chilling out over ice-cold beers while chomping on hot dogs topped with everything from peach jam to sliced wagyu beef to chili con carne.


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By day, this location belongs to Our Little Cup, a cafe for pastries and caffeine. But by 5pm, it transforms into Kura's Krafts for the rest of the night, with the bar opening up at the back.

This is a spot with plenty of personality, humour and heart, character and charm. Illustrated images of Kura line the walls, together with meme-inspired stickers of dogs (and cats!), some of which customers can take home for free. 

Also check out Kura's Krafts' archive of cans that it has served since launching in December, as well as a leaderboard of legends, where your total orders of beer every month can be racked up (looks like Ram might be victorious for March!).

Patrons can drink indoors or alfresco, watching the neighbourhood go by after a day at work.

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Pick a pale ale, IPA, lager or any beer of your preference from the chiller or on tap. A smaller selection of wine by the bottle is also available.

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Kura's Krafts consistently searches for interesting beers to showcase.

Most recently, this was the only bar in the Klang Valley to showcase the the Way Beyond The Long Blank IPA by the UK's Verdant Brewing Co on tap, fruit-forward with reviving notes of grape and grapefruit.

The team is happy to make recommendations to make the most of your experience - maybe a side-by-side comparison of the Ruekeller Helles Lager with the Munich Dunkel Black Lager, both made for mindful sipping instead of spaced-out guzzling.

With new beers on tap every week, there's always something to discover.

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With seven hot dogs to select from (mostly with a choice of chicken or beef sausage), start with the founders' personal favourite.

The Chili Dog (RM18) is a confident take on the U.S. classic, layered with slow-cooked chicken chili con carne, creamy and comforting, tender with tomatoes and beans, emboldened with a secret mix of spices. Possibly the most pleasurable chili dog in the Klang Valley!

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The Jalapeno Peach Jam (RM15) is buoyantly uplifting, sweet-and-spicy with a light-textured jam of ripely juicy peach, pureed with jalapeños for mellow heat to perk up the palate.

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The Wagyu Steak & Cheese (RM25) is the luxe order, blanketed with sliced wagyu steak, grilled onions, bell peppers and Californian cheese sauce. Pair with a beef sausage for savoury, succulent beef-on-beef action. 

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The Spicy Relish (RM16) is a tongue-tingling take on a baseball stadium staple, hitting a home run with a mildly spicy relish, loaded with grilled onions and bell peppers.

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The Bacon Onion Jam (RM20) is another crowd-pleaser that packs a punch, comprising beef bacon-wrapped hot dog with caramelised onions and jalapeno peppers.
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The Mushroom Cheese (RM18) is for fans of fleshy fungi, every inch coated from end to end with grilled portobello mushrooms and Californian cheese sauce.

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Corndogs (RM9 for one, RM15 for two) are addictive too, with chicken sausages encased in a thin, crisp cornbread crust.

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Don't miss the Wagyu Philly Cheese (RM32) - a wonderfully well-balanced rendition of Philadelphia's famed cheesesteak sandwich, with meaty slices of wagyu beef and just the right portion of cheese, onions and bell peppers, lined firmly in Vietnamese-style banh mi baguette instead of a hoagie roll. We'd happily return just for this.

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Bar snacks include buttermilk-brined, Cajun-spiced Chimken Tenders with a mild but marvellous mayo-mayo sauce (RM20) and Furikake Fries, shoestrings with scrumptious seaweed seasoning and wasabi mayo (RM12). Also check out the specials board for potential highlights like skewers and sausage platters.

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Kura's Krafts is completely pet-friendly - plus, each visiting dog receives a thoughtful complimentary treat in collaboration with Quan Dog Treats!

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Kura’s Krafts
8-3, Plaza Batai, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. 
Open Wednesday-Saturday, 5pm-12am; Sunday 5pm-11pm. 
Tel: 017-957-5175