KSL Esplanade Hotel honours the culinary heritage of Malaysian states in Ramadan 2024 buffet feasts

March 7, 2024

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From Negeri Sembilan's daging salai to Perak's penjan ubi kayu, Melaka's asam pedas telur ikan to Terengganu's laksam and Johor's telur pindang, experience the rich culinary heritage of multiple Malaysian states at KSL Esplanade Hotel for Ramadan 2024.

The Santapan Warisan buffet dinners will showcase a splendid spread to represent time-honoured tradition, together with hearty crowd-pleasers of kambing bakar and sup gearbox, from 16 March to 9 April in KSL Esplanade Hotel's Birch restaurant.

For reservations, WhatsApp 018-767-7288 - the buffet is priced at RM138+ for adults, RM108+ for senior citizens (60 years and above) and RM88+ for children (4-11 years of age).

Early bird vouchers are now available at RM108+ per adult, RM88+ per senior citizen and RM68+ per child.

From 16 March to 9 April 2024, check into KSL Esplanade Hotel for the Jom Puasa Stay & Dine Package (RM398 nett), which comprises one night's stay in the Superior Room, sahur and iftar for two adults at Birch, complimentary parking and complimentary room upgrade (subject to hotel occupancy). Book exclusively at kslesplanadehotel.com

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KSL Esplanade Hotel's Birch restaurant is a spacious setting to bring together families and friends. Explore the various food stalls and enjoy live performances of classic Raya songs and local and international ballads.

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Highlights include the huge kambing bakar, spit-roasted and sliced up - a Ramadan.must-have that's terrifically tender and pleasurably packed with flavour.

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Sup gearbox is also a favourite, with carnivorously meaty chunks of beefy bones, gelatinously succulent in a marvellously meaty-tasting soup. 

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Journey through peninsular Malaysia's state recipes - we start with Negeri Sembilan, represented by creamy-textured, spicy daging salai and addictively lip-smacking siput sedut.

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Continuing south to Melaka, don't miss the tangy, tongue-tingling temptations such as asam pedas telur ikan, asam pedas ikan tenggiri, asam pedas tetel and telur dadar sambal.

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Johor is joyously represented by poultry-loving classics like ayam masak merah and telur pindang (tea-boiled egg).

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Moving north, check out Perak's pajeri nanas and penjan ubi kayu, bringing up the bountiful harvest of the land.

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Terengganu isn't left out - indulge in East Coast laksam, jelantah and aneka keropok.

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The Masakan Kampung section promises cherished staples handed down through generations, including udang sambal petai, paru goreng belado, masak lemak babat bersama nenas, daging masak hitam, ayam masak bawang and sayur campur.

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Complete your meal with a vas variety of rice - nasi Arab, nasi hujan panas, nasi briyani, nasi minyak and nasi kerabu.

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There's certainly something for everyone at KSL Esplanade Hotel - from gulai ikan tempoyak and gulai ayam bersama rebung to fried noodles, nasi lemak, Hainanese chicken rice, bubur, keropok lekor, burgers, roti john, pasta, assam laksa, satay, murtabak, roti canai, dim sum, seafood including crab, cold cuts, satay, pisang pengat, serawa nangka and many, many more.

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Pulut, lemang and serunding, plus a medley of salads, kuih-muih and desserts complete the Santapan Warisan offerings, along with lots of beverage choices like green apple juice, green tea, mocha, hot chocolate, teh tarik, Nescafe tarik and teh o, among others.

KSL Esplanade Hotel
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