Juugatsu Ten: Omakase lunch in Sri Petaling at a reasonable RM238

May 9, 2023

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Omakase enthusiasts on a tight budget, bookmark Juugatsu Ten in Sri Petaling for its lunchtime experience, costing a reasonable RM238 for a multi-course feast that comprises a trio of appetisers, chawanmushi, seven pieces of sushi, a decadent mini don, soup and dessert.

Juugatsu Ten is a multi-level restaurant with various sections and surprises. 

Its omakase room is an elegantly intimate space with a sushi counter that exclusively seats eight patrons per session; the RM238 omakase lunch is available everyday except Mondays.

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Omakase guests are greeted with a welcome beverage to perk up the palate. On our visit, we sipped on a fruity kiwi drink tinged with yuzu for a beautiful blend of sweet and sour.

True to the spirit of omakase, the selection evolves regularly. Our seasonal specialities to start the meal comprised a fried fish of the season, such as freshwater wakasagi, plus hotaru-ika, the springtime firefly squid, and noresore, also currently in season, the juvenile conger eels eaten like white noodles.

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Chawanmushi surfaces steaming-hot, loaded with lots of ikura for briny bursts of flavour, laced with gold flakes for a gorgeous garnish.

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Sushi is the star of this omakase. Rest assured, the selection is top-notch, prepared in scintillating styles, such as amberjack draped with sea grapes for textural pop.

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Madai (sea bream) is a cherished classic with its telltale copper streaks, traditionally prepared for celebrations, prized for its delicate flavour.

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Aka ebi (red shrimp) is lusciously succulent, a true treat for fans of pristine crustacean purity.

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Akami with black caviar and gold spray adds decadent allure to these sushi courses.

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Shima aji (striped jack) is a firm-fleshed fish, balanced with lime juice, negi and daikon oroshi.

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Plump Hokkaido scallop is a pleasure, studded with ikura for extra flavour.

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Torched engawa promises buttery, melt-in-the-mouth brilliance to conclude the sushi courses on a sumptuous note.

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The mini don is a delight with generous portions of uni, layered with toro and roe.

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This asari short-necked clam broth is soulful sustenance, nourishing both the stomach and the spirit.

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The omakase lunch ends exquisitely with yuzu sorbet and ice cream mochi, assembled to resemble a work of art from nature.

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Juugatsu Ten

42, Jalan Radin Bagus 3, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Various omakase menus available Tuesday-Sunday, lunch & dinner. 
Tel: 013-772 0010