Indulge Family: Melt-in-the-mouth artisanal pies & pastries with designer crusts

August 12, 2021

With over 8,000 pies sold in seven months, Indulge Family has made the best of 2021, bringing baked bliss to hundreds of households in the Klang Valley. Its pies and quiches live up beautifully to the promise of indulgence, fragrant with French butter and freshly pounded herbs, tender and crumbly-crisp to the bite, melt-in-the-mouth to the merest chew.

Love at first sight: Our pies and quiches came crowned with vibrantly handcrafted lettering on their crust, plus colourfully hand-painted, intricate images of flowers, leafs and butterflies - part of Indulge Family's custom designs by request (available at a RM5 surcharge). Decorated to impress, they make for great gifts.

Choices for the pies span Asian to Western inspirations.

Check out the Chicken Rendang Pie (RM20) with Indonesian inflections, aromatically coconut-strong with a sweetish allure, thick and texturally satisfying with chunky spiced chicken, potatoes and hard-boiled eggs, making for a rich, robustly well-rounded pie.

The Chicken Portobello Pie (RM20) channels Brit at its best, chockfull of chicken, generous with portobello mushrooms, swimming in a superbly savoury chicken broth that's been simmered for hours, its creaminess complementing the buttery flakiness of the crust.

A quiche of quality: The Aux Truffles Quiche (RM25) summons up all the elegant earthiness that we might pursue in a pie, irresistibly brimming with a triple threat of portobello, truffle pate and truffle oil in custard that's perfectly eggy-fluffy, not soggy.

Have we saved the best for last? The Saumon au Caviar Quiche (RM30) is surprisingly complex, punctuated by bright bursts of flavour, courtesy of lots of luscious salmon, Emmental, creme fraiche, chives and onions, deliciously deep and decadent, with the briny pop of roe accentuating the experience.

True to its name, Indulge Family's temptations will delight all generations - the young at heart will have fun with the Signature Pull Apart buns (six for RM30 or 12 for RM54), a playful change from conventional garlic bread. Baked with French butter, Japanese flour, herbs, garlic and a medley of cheeses, these are ideal for cheat days when all you crave is a carb-loaded guilty pleasure that's worth the calories.

Many thanks to Indulge Family for this spectacular sampling.

Indulge Family
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