iFruits Market: Gift hampers to usher in happiness, honour & health for the Lunar New Year 2022

January 13, 2022

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Seeking a gorgeous gift hamper to express your warm wishes to loved ones, cherished collaborators and respected clients this Lunar New Year?

iFruits Market will satisfy your needs with five different collections that represent everything from happiness to health to fortune, filled with fabulous food and drinks that your recipient will appreciate.

Deliveries run throughout 10-30 January, with limited quantities available - so place your orders early. Reach out to iFruits Market at wa.me/60122117677 for bookings or contact them at: 

facebook.com/ifruitsmarket and 


Enjoy free delivery for all hampers within the Klang Valley!

If you're new to iFruits Market, the brand is a trendsetting initiative of neighbourhood stores, newly established in 2021 but fast-growing with branches so far in PJ Seapark, Cheras, Puchong, USJ 9, USJ 10 Taipan and Klang. 

You'll find plenty of essential wholesome groceries for your household here, from local and imported fruits to vegetables, organic produce, snacks, dairy goods and more.

1 hua copy.jpgIfruits_cny0231.jpgIfruits_cny0237.jpgIfruits_cny0276.jpgIfruits_cny0278.jpgIfruits_cny0287.jpgScreenshot 2022-01-05 at 12.28.25 AM.pngThe Blooming of Happiness collection is meant to fill your recipient's heart with bliss, bursting with auspicious sweets, savouries and wine to relish, including home-baked cranberry almond cookies, premium dried fruits and nuts by Good Foods, ROYCE' pure chocolate, mini Mandarin oranges, and a bottle of Luis Felipe Edwards Cabernet Sauvignon, beautifully packaged and wrapped with love.

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The Blossom of Happy Returns symbolises hope that your recipient's endeavours will flower into success and prosperity. It comes in tiered boxes, elegantly constructed, revealing its treasure of Wing Heong BBQ dried chicken and crispy chicken floss, home-baked cranberry almond cookies, premium assorted dried fruits and mixed nuts by Good Foods, ROYCE' pure chocolate, mini Mandarin oranges, and a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne to bring out the bubbly.

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The Wealth & Good Fortune collection conveys the belief that wealth isn't merely financial but also includes an abundance of friendship and opportunities. It's a bounty of beauties that could feed an entire household, including Signature Market Quality Boiled Bird's Nest, Premium Ginseng Nourishing Soup, ROYCE' Baton Cookies Box, rejuvenating herbal tea, classic tea cup with lid, plus home-baked cranberry almond cookies,Wing Heong BBQ dried chicken XXL Mandarin oranges, and a bottle of Luis Felipe Edwards Family Gran Reserve Chardonnay.

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The Riches & Honour collection is a way to pay tribute to the people who've helped and guided you in life. This medley of mouthwatering marvels for the festive season includes leaf dry bird's nest, cordyceps soup with chestnuts, New Zealand new moon abalone, ROYCE' chocolate bar, finest-baked pineapple tarts, rejuvenating herbal tea, classic tea pot and cups, XXL Mandarin oranges, Phalaenopsis orchid and a bottle of Penfolds Max's Cabernet Sauvignon.

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The Good Health and Longevity collection is dedicated to one of life's most important goals, the pursuit of well-being. It is meant to nurture and nourish throughout this celebration, comprising whole dry bird's nest, Jungle House premium Jungle Heart honey jar, New Zealand Gold Circle wild-caught abalone, natural shiitake mushrooms, ROYCE' chocolate variety box, finest-bake almond biscotti cookies, rejuvenating herbal tea, classic tea pot and cups, XXL Mandarin oranges, Phalaenopsis orchid, and Penfolds Max's Shiraz Cabernet. 

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