Honest Butcher by Chef Nickt, Sungai Buloh: Beef Omakase Dine-Ins with EDKL exclusive bonuses

April 3, 2021

Imagine a feast of beef that brings you around the world in 90 minutes, where you can sample and compare the same cut from Argentina to Australia, Japan to the United States. 

Or an omakase-style meal where the chef introduces less familiar cuts that take you from tri tips to picanha, boosting your insights beyond ribeyes and sirloins.

Or an intimate exploration of how exactly beef tastes when prepared through different techniques, from the tenderness of sous-vide cooking to the juiciness that comes from a RM30,000 combi oven, the smokiness from binchotan white charcoal to 700°C-capable, Honest Butcher-customised cast-iron sears and gas grills. 

Honest Butcher by Chef Nickt is dedicated to that unique blend of enjoyment and education - this secret space hidden amid factories and warehouses in Sungai Buloh now offers distinctive dine-in experiences, as well as deliveries of everything from cooked-to-order tomahawk steaks for special occasions to chilled budget cuts for everyday dinners.

Use the promo code EDKL while booking for exclusive bonuses, including complimentary off-menu signature starters. Text 012-628-6804 for reservations and enquiries.

As you step into Honest Butcher, you'll spot a chiller that includes the highly prized Ōmi beef, considered one of Japan's top three beefs with Kobe and Matsusaka, alongside its import certification.

Honest Butcher is one of only two Malaysian-based brands currently certified to import Omi Hime Wagyu, the highest grade of full-blood Omi beef from Shiga Prefecture, with a lineage of cattle that reputedly dates back 400 years. Only about 100 cows are made available for beef each month, of which Malaysia receives a maximum of two.

Besides Omi, Honest Butcher carries other coveted Japanese cuts that come with complete records of their source history, with identifications to track the cow's birth and breeding, feeding and shipping, verifiable on a Japanese government-backed website.

Here are three ways to savour Honest Butcher's specialities:

1. DINE IN: Mention EDKL while booking to receive a complimentary signature off-menu starter (value of starter depends on the customer's total order)

With no fixed menu, Chef Nickt can customise lunch for you, so just tell him whether you want multiple courses of everything beef or a simple but satisfying platter of steak.

Honest Butcher is an experimental kitchen that passionately serves many one-of-a-kind creations for a memorable experience.

We recommend the starters of Australian Wagyu MB9 Picanha - chef Nickt's favourite cut for its full-bodied flavour - seared for 60 seconds on each side for a gentle char.

Add some scallops or botan ebi and ask the chef to serve it in surf-and-turf styles, based on his recommendation of what's fresh and available.

We had our medium-rare beef topped with torched Hokkaido scallop aburi, togarashi spices, shallots, cucumber and yuzu ponzu sauce or wrapped around luscious botan ebi with botan ebi roe, wagyu fat, wasabi and truffle oil. If these were available at any steakhouse, we'd order them every time.

Honest Butcher's Beef Char Gyu Wantan Mee is another must-try. The Char Gyu is made with Miyazaki A5 beef - chef Nickt's latest improved version takes this to decadently succulent heights, beautifully balancing fleshiness and fattiness with a glorious caramelisation.

Wagyu fat rice is another highlight, but Honest Butcher is also capable of serving seafood - for customers who can't consume beef, XXL Hokkaido scallop aburi and sashimi are well worth visiting this venue for.

2. WANT A TOMAHAWK DINNER? Mention EDKL while ordering a raw tomahawk and enjoy a complimentary bowl of truffled mashed potatoes and free cooking services worth up to RM148.

If you love sinking your teeth into thick, tender tomahawk steaks, try Honest Butcher's Angus and Wagyu tomahawks, offered at prices lower than most restaurants for this quality of meat.

Honest Butcher will expertly cook the tomahawk for you and send it over fresh and warm for convenient, immediate eating. 

Mention EDKL while ordering for free cooking (the cooking fee is normally RM5 per 100 grams) and free truffle mashed potatoes for four persons (normal price RM48) - beware, the mash is creamily addictive!

The tomahawks are sous-vide cooked to your preferred doneness, taking at least three hours, before being grilled for several minutes.

With the EDKL promo code, you can enjoy a ready-to-eat 1.2-kilogram Angus Tomahawk and Truffled Mashed Potatoes (pictured above) for about RM220 or a 2-kilogram Wagyu MB8 tomahawk for about RM600 (excluding delivery fee)! Meat is sold by weight, so contact Honest Butcher for availability.


For your own home cooking, order Honest Butcher's range of Japanese A5 and A3 beef, including cuts for yakiniku and shabu-shabu, at about half the usual Malaysian retail rates. 

Mention EDKL to enjoy special secret gifts for purchases of raw meat. The A5 beef starts at RM38 for cubes for stews and RM48 for yakiniku cuts, and RM88 for A3 steaks and RM128 for A5 steaks.

Honest Butcher by Chef Nickt
4, Jalan TSB 5, Taman Industri Sungai Buloh, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.
Open by reservations only, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-7pm; Sunday, 11am-4pm. Tel: 012-628-6804

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