Happy Lemon Malaysia, Lot 10: Now bringing coffee & croffles together to complement tea culture

October 18, 2021

When Happy Lemon launched its 2,088th outpost in the sunshine outside Lot 10, fans flocked here for a taste of the tea culture that the brand is beloved for worldwide. From the UK to the USA, Happy Lemon is recognised as the pioneer of Rock Salt Cheese tea, plus a variety of other bright, fruity beverages.

This month, Happy Lemon welcomes customers to check out its latest treats - coffee and croffles - served in Happy Lemon's charming style. You can enjoy the coffee and croffle separately or have both together in a Croffle + Coffee combo for only RM18.80, exclusively from 18 October to 18 November 2021, served in an easily Instagrammable spot.

We visited Happy Lemon Malaysia at Lot 10 recently to explore its latest promotions and temptations.

The Coffee in a Bottle series is well worth ordering if you love sipping lots of coffee throughout the day.

It comes in tall bottles that you can conveniently carry around to relish your coffee whenever you want.

Happy Lemon's team prepares each bottle to order, shaking and pouring it freshly in front of you.

You can choose from Coffee with Rock Salt (RM12.80 for a la carte orders) or Coffee with Rock Salt Cheese (RM14.80 a la carte) - both are refreshingly chilled and milky without being too sweet or cloying.

The savouriness of the rock salt and cheese helps to beautifully balance the coffee, so you won't be bored of it even after drinking it to the final drop.

If you like your coffee light-textured but tasty, try the Coffee with Rock Salt. If you prefer it with a richer creaminess, the Coffee with the Rock Salt Cheese foamy topping is your best bet.

The croffles are equally enjoyable, also freshly made, so they're served warm and crisp.

If you're new to croffles, they're a marvellous marriage of croissants and waffles, blending the butteriness of croissants with the crunch of waffles.

Happy Lemon makes them perfectly, with a lovely bite enhanced by fun, flavourful toppings.

You can have the croffles in Original without toppings (RM5.80 a la carte) or with playful toppings like Boba Rock Salt Cheese (RM7.80), Chocolate Rock Salt Cheese (RM7.80), Puff Cream Oreo (RM8.80) and Puff Cream Biscotti Crumbs (RM9.80).

Each one is worth snacking on, generously blanketed with crowd-pleasing toppings. 

The Boba or Chocolate Rock Salt Cheese croffle is the perfect companion for Happy Lemon's Rock Salt Cheese beverages.

Our personal favourite is the Puff Cream Biscotti Crumbs, which lends the caramelised, biscuity flavour of Lotus Biscoff for a memorable croffle.

If you love these kinds of desserts, Happy Lemon's Bubble Waffles are also delightful for the young at heart. They're big and filling, so you can share them, served warm and fragrant in flavours like Original (RM9.80), Chocolate (RM10.80) or have a Mix of both (RM10.80).

Ultimately, the reason that Happy Lemon enthusiasts return is for the vast variety of tea, which includes the famous Rock Salt Cheese Series, the Lemon Series, the fruity Specialty Series, the Dessert Series, the Smoothie Series, the Tea Cube series, as well as the Milk Tea series.

There's something for every preference here, with different, distinctive types of teas and fruits to enliven each beverage. It's cool to explore the menu and discover which drink is your favourite.

From the Rock Salt Cheese series, recommendations include the Jasmine Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese (RM9.80) - the tea is aromatic and alluringly Asian, made more full-bodied with the rock salt cheese. It's not too sweet, so you can easily enjoy it without too much guilt.

From the Lemon Series, we like the Freshly Squeezed Lemon Black Tea (RM11.80) - this is perky and pulpy with real lemon slices in the cup, buoyantly tangy without being too sour.

From the Smoothie Series, the Mango Matcha Smoothie (RM14.20) is irresistibly tropical, with ripe, juicy bits of mango that partner the matcha surprisingly well.

True to its name, Happy Lemon at Lot 10 is a cheerful place that is ideal for Instagram shots. You can also try their claw machine to win Happy Lemon merchandise such as the Lemon Cushion Head, Luggage Tag, Canvas Eco Bag, Notebook and Folding Fan.

Happy Lemon Lot 10
LTC/T5, Lot 10 Shopping Mall, Bintang Terrace, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 018-902-6533

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