Granos Malaysia: Radiant Raya & Blessed Eid 2021 Granola Gift Boxes

April 23, 2021

Granola gifting: With the Aidilfitri season less than three weeks away, we're gathering up goodies galore to brace for festive feasting - Granos' Raya 2021 collection tops our list, featuring the Radiant Raya Gift Box and the Blessed Eid Gift Box.

Healthy snackers who relish the nutty crunch of almonds, the earthy sweetness of pumpkin seeds, the addictive crisp of freeze-dried bananas and the antioxidant-rich indulgence of dark chocolate will love the contents of these charming celebratory boxes by Granos, Malaysia's customisable granola specialist.

The Radiant Raya Gift Box (preorder price of RM279.90 by 7 May; full price of RM319.90 thereafter) is elegantly enticing, a matte-laminated treasure chest with Champagne-gold detailing that illuminates the symbols of the season, including a crescent moon and lanterns. 

Lift the magnetic clasp to sleekly reveal the contents, including a pull-out drawer that neatly and securely holds some of the jars. It's a hefty box that can conveniently be repurposed into a storage container for future use - as a bonus, delivery is free within Malaysia and Singapore.

What's in the box?

Granos' limited-edition Coconut Gula Melaka Granola is the shining star, a superfood signature of traditional rolled oats lightly coated with gula Melaka, balanced out with almonds, pumpkin seeds, pitted dates and toasted coconut flakes. Delectably decadent but naturally nourishing, with no added sugar.

Also in the box: The Hearty Ramadan Trail Mix is equally moreish, rich with almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, banana chips and dark chocolate. 
For fruity flair and fun, Ajwa dates are a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, cherished not only for their flavour but their fibre, vitamins and minerals, while freeze-dried rambutans retain their distinctive original sweetness in the texture of a thick, crackly cracker, made of 100% rambutans.
The box also showcases a special Pumpkin Seed Spread, creamily smooth and stretchy, sweet-savoury with that unmistakable earthiness of pumpkin seeds, a lovely and luscious substitute for nut butters.

You'll find a Matte Golden Stainless Steel Spoon and an 'Eid Mubarak' Raya Greeting Card with personalised message to round out the Radiant Raya Gift Box.

The Blessed Eid Gift Box (preorder price of RM99.90 by 7 May; full price of RM119.90 thereafter) is a more modest collection that's nonetheless a thoughtful beauty, matte-laminated with a hard-top lid and bottom, also with free delivery within Malaysia and Singapore.

The Blessed Eid Gift Box comes with Coconut Gula Melaka Granola, Hearty Ramadan Trail Mix, Ajwa dates and a greeting card with personalised messaging. Essentially, it excludes the freeze-dried rambutans and pumpkin seed spread from its sister box.

Patrons can also purchase individual packets of the Raya Exclusive Granola and Trail Mix for their own personal consumption. Both are limited editions for Aidilfitri 2021.

The Coconut Gula Melaka Granola (preorder price of RM19.90 by 7 May; original price of RM21.90 thereafter) is a vegetarian-friendly, preservative-free treat that feels fabulously fresh, with nectarousness entirely from gula Melaka. 

The granola is easy to turn into a nutritious meal within a minute - we liked it with fruits and loved it with yogurt. Coupled with the gula Melaka's depth, the coconut flakes lent it a brightly local tropical boost that made this taste like a truly Malaysian granola.
The Hearty Ramadan Trail Mix (preorder price of RM16.90 by 7 May; full price of RM18.90 thereafter) has all the health-conscious properties of a guilt-free temptation - almonds to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol, hazelnuts with loads of antioxidants, pumpkin seeds with Omega-3 and magnesium, freeze-dried bananas for fibre and potassium, and Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate that's dense in nutrients. The mix is reliably filling even after a few mouthfuls, fulfilling in its medley of varied flavours and textures.

Order by 7 May 2021 to enjoy preorder prices. Many thanks to Granos for this gorgeous sampling.


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