Gourmet Partner: Premium French & Irish Butters for Raya Recipes

April 8, 2021

Butter up your loved ones this Aidilfitri with a bevy of brilliant butters sourced from France and Ireland by fine foods purveyor Gourmet Partner. 

Whether you're baking a special cake for your family or a present of pastries for friends, these butters are beautifully versatile and buoyantly rich, bringing a memorable touch to your festive Raya feasts. 

Here are Gourmet Partner's recommended butter brands to check out: 

Le Gall

Le Gall is a Brittany-born, family-run brand that has been respected for its dairy produce for nearly 100 years, consistently working with French farmers within 40 kilometres of its factories, collecting fresh milk and processing it within the hour.

Brittany's mild, temperate climate, combined with the natural grass feeding of cows, results in raw milk that translates terrifically into traditional, time-honoured butter.

Le Gall's range of butter includes the multi-award-winning Grand Cru drum-churned butter made with unpasteurised raw cream, with only a slight heat treatment. This yields the most flavourful butter possible with an authentic taste regarded as a 'traditional churn.' Other varieties include pasteurised drum-churned butter laced with hand-harvested sea salt from Guerande, Brittany.

Le Gall’s artisanal drum churning technique promises pure lactic butter smoothness and creaminess. The fresh cream in these butters is matured for more than 15 hours for a powerfully concentrated flavour with nutty, floral notes.

This selection is particularly potent for pastries with a lingering buttery flavour. You can also use it for baking banana bread, using Le Gall Salted Butter. 

Le Gall regularly shines at the annual Paris International Agricultural Show. Its butter has won awards for the past consecutive 16 years, though its winning streak in general stretches back half a century.

Le Gall's cream cheese is acclaimed as well, made with no additives or preservatives. It has an incredibly soft texture with a uniquely creamy taste - ideal for cheesecakes and fine pastries. 

It also has contemporary uses - try it in a cheese tea recipe to craft your own savoury cheese foam.


Kerrygold is a premium brand that takes full advantage of Irish dairy farming, with Irish cows that graze on green pastures all day long for a nourishing grass-based diet all year round.

Compared to regular grain-fed cow's milk, Kerrygold butter is more golden-yellow, thanks to higher levels of betacarotene in the grass. Kerrygold butter is also reputedly softer and contains high Omega 3 levels.

Kerrygold butter is perfect for your pantry - rely on it as a spread for biscuits and scones or use it to cook shrimp skewers and other seafood specialities.

Kerrygold takes safety seriously. Its products adhere to Irish and European food legislation within the benchmarks established by Codex Alimentarius, an international standard for best food practices. This is in addition to Kerrygold's own quality assurance systems. 

 Elle & Vire

Elle & Vire was born in 1945 in Normandy, France, between two rivers named the Elle and the Vire. Normandy’s terroir is home to expansive fields that stretch into the horizon, exposed to gentle sunlight and sea breezes that bring minerals. These conditions encourage the growth of lush grass that feeds the cattle well to help them produce exceptional fresh milk. 

Elle & Vire works with 1,300 family-run milk producers, whose cows spend most of their time outdoors in the meadows. In harsher seasons, they are looked after in cowsheds that shield them from the elements.

The range spans full fat to light butter for every use. For Ramadan and Raya, a Middle Eastern-influenced Basbousa sweet cake could be your baking mission, made with Elle & Vire Gourmet Butter, plus Elle & Vire Greek Style Plain Dairy Dessert and Elle & Vire Whipping Cream 35%.

These products are available in Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Store, AEON, Cold Storage and Isetan.

For more product information, send a message to Gourmet Partner at facebook.com/gourmetpartnermalaysia

Gourmet Partner

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