Get the best gifts for Mum this Mother's Day with DELIVERLOVE

May 6, 2021

Does Mum love red roses, brownies, crepe cakes and chiffon cakes? Does she take care of her well-being with bird's nest and sleeping masks, while staying stylish with sophisticated satchels and backpacks?

If your mum appreciates these treats in life, shower her with your love this Mother's Day by sending her some special gifts from GrabMart. 

Even if she lives in a different state or district, it's easy to have a wide variety of gifts delivered to her within 30 minutes with GrabMart, from now until 14 May 2021.

You'll find the best Mother's Day gifts on GrabMart from brands such as Komugi, Brownies Bar, Vanilla Crepe, Soon Thye Hang, Fast & Fresh, Laneige, and Sembonia. 

Get these gifts at up to 30% off with GrabMart, with an extra 20% off with the promo code DELIVERLOVE. The DELIVERLOVE discount is capped at RM8 on a minimum spend of RM40.

Click here to order: http://grb.to/MOTHERSDAY

This year’s Mother’s Day might be different for some of us who can’t return home to see Mum due to travel restrictions. GrabMart makes it super-convenient to have a gift delivered to surprise Mum, whichever city she lives in.

Just open the Grab App, choose GrabMart and click on 'Deliver To.'

The screen should show your current location. Simply click the 'Map' icon and move the map to the city where your mum resides. Leave the pin pointer anywhere in that city.

Now you’re back to the 'Deliver To' page - click on 'Deliver To', click on the 'Red pin point' on the top left to change the address to Mum's actual address. This will let you deliver to an address in a different state.

Then place your order as usual. Leave a note for the rider with Mum's phone number and name.

Wondering what to send? Here are some suggestions!


If Mum has a sweet tooth, Komugi is sure to satisfy! From the Premium Blackforest Cake (a tempting torte that combines chocolate cake with a chocolate topping and a filling of dark cherries and fresh cream), to the Rainbow Chiffon (a stunning rainbow-hued, five-layer cake with moist chiffon and whipping cream) and Cheese Pudding, have Mum's lusciously enjoyable dessert delivered to her with a smile.


Are chocolate brownies your Mum's not-so-secret guilty pleasure? Let her indulge her fudge fantasies with Brownies Bar's decadent delights, freshly baked for gooey-rich creaminess. 

You'll find a nine-piece Brownies Bar gift set on GrabMart to help you pick plenty of playful flavours for Mum, such as the Signature Classic Brownies, Salted Caramel Brownies, Sea Salt Brownies, Almond Brownies, Peanut Butter Brownies, Cookies & Cream Brownies, Mixed Nuts Brownies, Walnut Blondies and Matcha Blondies.


Send Mum 12 slices of sheer bliss with GrabMart's bundle of Vanilla Crepe's cakes. You'll be spoiled for choice with Vanilla Crepe's awesome array of flavours, from the Original Vanilla to Midnight Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Bamboo Charcoal, Oreo Crunch, Oreo Cheese, Lemon Cheese, Mango Peach, Blueberry, Pandan, Choco Mint, Vanilla Rainbow, Greet Tea, Choco Peanut, Matcha Tiramisu, Sakura Pink Rose, La Coffee, La Milo, Chendul White Coffee, Kitkat, Teh Tarik, Earl Grey and Lemon Collagen.


Say it with flowers as well as bonus gifts: Fast & Fresh promises packs of gorgeous red roses that can be optionally paired with an extra present such as a jewellery box with lid, L'Amour Belgian chocolates, or the cutest, cuddly ILY Bear. 


Health-conscious mums will love what Soon Thye Hang has to offer.

The Bird's Nest with American Ginseng and Rock Sugar is a reliable choice that helps to promote youthful skin, boost the immune system and assist in speedy recoveries.

Gift boxes are also available on GrabMart, such as the Full Of Blessings Gift Box comprising items like braised abalone and bird's nest with collagen.


Help Mum get her optimum beauty rest with Laneige's Sleeping Beauty Set, consisting of the Water Sleeping Mask EX, Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry), Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser, Clear C Advanced Effector, and Water Bank Hydro Essence.

Alternatively, choose the Cica Sleeping Mask Set, with the Cica Sleeping Mask, Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, Water Sleeping Mask EX, and Lip Sleeping Mask.


For fashionable mums with flair to spare, Sembonia's accessories will make her extra-chic and even cooler. We love the look of the Colour Rivets Trunk Bag, with its detachable long strap and many compartments, and Army Nation Backpack that comes conveniently with slip and back-zip pockets.

Want even more choices? Check out GrabMart now to see what suits Mum best this Mother's Day - there are many more merchants available. Don't forget to use the DELIVERLOVE promo code too!

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