Fresh cakes & floral charm: A Little Bud celebrates its first full year in Taman Tun Dr Ismail

August 29, 2023

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Nearly one year after A Little Bud first blossomed in TTDI, this cosy florist-cafe is now in full bloom, flourishing with warm meals and cool gelato, fresh bakes and fragrant brews.

If you haven't returned to A Little Bud in a little while, it's time to rediscover this delightful neighbourhood destination, loaded with lovely touches in every corner, from Spanish-sourced tiles to Indonesian-crafted tables, dressed with dried and preserved flowers, plus charmingly whimsical frills like plush rabbits.

Fun fact: A Little Bud bakes its croissants, cakes and other temptations in small batches, similar to a home baker, harnessing top-tier ingredients like French butter, flour and cheese, minimising sugar and oil.

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By now, KL's social media enthusiasts are familiar with A Little Bud's distinctive space - everyone has their favourite spot here, from the naturally sunlit seats that overlook the leafy streets to the intimate nooks that promise a bit more privacy.

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A Little Bud is also popular for corporate events such as product launches as well as celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and family gatherings.

Comfortably catering to up to 60 guests, A Little Bud can be booked in its entirety or partially - its sections include a glass-walled lounge for 14 persons, an arched space for a dozen people, or a long table that sits beside A Little Bud's main flower arrangements.

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A Little Bud was born as a home florist nearly three years ago, evolving into a complete florist-cafe in 2022. It specialises in customised floral arrangements and deliveries of dried and preserved flowers that remain convenient and environment-friendly. These can last for years, kept indoors without any need for sunlight or watering.

Many of the flowers seen here have been in A Little Bud since the cafe's birth last September. All are for sale, ideal as gifts for all seasons, for all reasons.

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Customers can have a complete meal at A Little Bud.

For a savoury indulgence, the cafe puts a playful local spin on croissants - the Nasi Lemak Croissant (RM19) features a fluffy, flaky croissant that's a fabulous French foundation for the flavours of Malaysia's national dish. 

The bottom half of the croissant is layered with egg, cucumber, onions and anchovy sambal, while the other half is pure, rich sambal, gently spicy with the aromatic sweetness of onions, buoyed by the light crunch of ikan bills. Put both sides together for an irresistible croissant sandwich!

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The Croissant with Otak-otak (RM28) is also adorable, thick with otak-otak that's authentically sourced from a Johor-based home business, mildly spicy and marvellously tender, a surprisingly satisfying pairing with the buttery-crisp croissant, served with a salad.

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With cakes galore in A Little Bud's chiller, we'll need multiple visits to explore its selection.

The Apple Walnut Olive Oil (RM22) is recommended - it's conceived with olive oil for a healthier base, lusciously mouthwatering with apples and walnuts that supply a fruity taste and nutty texture, buffered with cream cheese for a slightly salted balance.

For fans of olive oil cakes, also try the Dark Chocolate Moist Olive Oil Cake.

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Madeleines (RM12), made with French butter, evoke the spirit of a Parisian patisserie - these are soft and spongy, easy to enjoy, luxurious with butter but not excessively sweetened, ideal for all generations.

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Elegantly elaborate, the ALB Little Princess (RM33) is a signature plated dessert - pure pleasure in the form of French butter croffles with a captivating crackle, complemented with homemade double chocolate gelato that's extra-creamy in a waffle cone, encircled with toasted almonds and mixed fruits. A terrific treat for the young at heart and children of all ages.

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For a tantalising teatime, there's plenty more to pick, all house-baked with fine international ingredients, including the Russian Honey Original Cake, meticulously made with real honey (RM26), Dark Chocolate Moist Olive Oil Cake (RM22), and Mixed Fruit Pavlova (RM26).

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Reviving beverages include Let’s Tango (RM23), a delicious dance of Yakult with real plump lychees and homemade mango sorbet, gorgeously tangy and not overly frosty.

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Also illustrating A Little Bud's attention to detail, the Latte with Gula Melaka (RM14) is confidently brewed with a single-origin Brazilian medium roast, its caramel nuttiness made nectarous with genuine Malacca-sourced gula Melaka. A lively latte, with lovely art too!

We also like the look of the Iced Americano with a splash of fresh coconut water (RM19), reviving our senses instantly with cooling reinvigoration.

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A Little Bud Florist Cafe

24, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-6pm; Friday-Saturday, 11am-8pm. 
Closed Monday (except public holidays)
Tel: 012-322-2703