Fortune Unveiled: A prosperous Chinese New Year celebration at Xenri Fine Japanese Cuisine

January 11, 2024





For a vibrant burst of Japanese flavours to celebrate this Chinese New Year, visit Xenri Fine Japanese Cuisine for an abundance of fresh attractions!

Fabulous fortune is unveiled in this a la carte selection of seasonal specialities, prosperous with plenty of seafood and meat in irresistible recipes.

Bring your family and friends to toss the Salmon Yee Sang and Organic Apple Yee Sang, then indulge in colourful CNY creations such as the Trio Shake Boat, King Prawn Uni AE, Dragon Fruit Hotate Nezuyaki, Lamb Misoyaki and 8-Hour Braised Mizayaki A5 Short Ribs.


After many years, Xenri Fine Japanese Cuisine remains a reliable destination for devotees of Japanese cuisine, with an elegantly comfortable space on Old Klang Road,

Start with the Salmon Yee Sang (RM138 regular, RM188 large) to usher in an unbeatable Year of the Dragon. 

Luscious with thick-cut Norwegian salmon sashimi slices, this is a jazzed-up Japanese rendition of yee sang, gorgeous with green algae, red algae, Japanese mountain pepper, golden pumpkin, cucumber, ginger, carrot, seaweed, radish, seven-spice chilli powder, peanuts, sesame, tempura bits and Bo Cui crackers, rounded out with Xenri's secret-recipe plum sauce.

Perfect if your palate is bored of conventional yee sang platters, Xenri's yee sang is revitalising with vivid flavours from sea and land, stimulating with crisp, juicy textures!

Note: Xenri meticulously makes each yee sang to order, so this exuberantly lively platter requires two days' advance booking.

The Organic Apple Yee Sang (RM108) is a vegetarian interpretation, wonderfully wholesome with organic green apple slices, yam bean slices, green and red algae, golden pumpkin, Japanese mountain pepper, cucumber, ginger, carrot, seaweed, radish, rice paper crackers, seven-spice chilli powder, peanuts, sesame, tempura bits and Bo Cui crackers in organic apple dressing. We love how Xenri harnesses healthy ingredients for a truly thoughtful yee sang.

Xenri's yee sang is available from 6 February to 24 February 2024. For wine enthusiasts, if you purchase any yee sang, you're entitled to also purchase a Château Le Grand Verdus (Bordeaux Rosé) 2021 or a Château Guillaumette (Bordeaux Sauvignon) 2021 for just RM88 each (original price RM108).

Xenri's a la carte CNY temptations are now already available, so head here anytime for an early festive feast!

The Shake Shanso Mori (RM88) is a boat's bounty of air-flown Norwegian salmon, smoothly and succulently thick-cut by the chef of a generous selection of salmon belly and salmon roe.

The Trio Shake Boat (RM128) brings together the triumphant combination of sashimi, sushi and maki, a mouthwatering mix of Norwegian salmon sashimi, salmon nigiri sushi and salmon maki - the ideal treat for your loved ones who adore salmon in all forms!

The Soft Shell Crab Mango Maki (RM68) marries seafood and fruit with flair - the crackly crunch of deep-fried soft shell crab is embedded in an auspicious golden mango sushi roll, ripe with sweetness, brightly heralding the lunar new year, glowingly topped with salmon roe,

The King Prawn Uni AE (RM68) is delightfully decadent, welcoming the new year with plumply grilled sea-caught king prawns, sprinkled with seaweed and served with a sumptuously savoury uni sauce and aromatically uplifting shiso oil. For fans of sea urchin, bookmark this special - the uni sauce is thick and tantalising with a potent flavour, harmoniously synergising with the tender prawn and herbaceously citrusy shish oil!

The Dragon Fruit Hotate Nezuyaki (RM68) is also a smash hit - impeccably fresh grilled scallops cushioned with nectarous chunks of dragon fruit, blanketed with melted torched cheese for a medley of briny, sweet and salty, enveloped in a captivatingly creamy concoction with the chef's signature nezu yolk-based sauce.

For carnivorous CNY cravings, sink your teeth into the Lamb Misoyaki (RM74) - this is a standout star of Xenri's Chinese New Year menu, featuring magnificent miso-marinated lamb rack, grilled with an unmistakable Japanese umami, complete with crisp greens.

Wrap up a whimsical banquet of Japanese-inspired brilliance with the 8-Hour Braised Mizayaki A5 Short Ribs (RM198) - this top-tier Miyazaki beef is painstakingly slow-cooked for a full eight hours to ensure melt-in-the-mouth satisfaction, lip-smacking in a sweet braise.

Xenri Fine Japanese Cuisine
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