Food District takes flight: New food court with first-class view of planes at KLIA2 Departure Floor

January 19, 2024

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A new food court in KLIA2: Combining tasty meals with a terrific view of planes, Food District's newest venue is a delicious destination before boarding your flight.

This fabulous food court is now open next to Nando’s and near Oriental Kopi at Level 3 on the Departure Floor of KLIA2, operating all the way from 8am to 10pm. 

Food District at KLIA2 promises something for everyone at wallet-friendly prices, from Sizzling Yee Mee to Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak to Western Food, ensuring you won't fly hungry.

With a spacious, stylish setting of over 12,000 square feet, Food District is KLIA2's perfect place to relax or to have a fast, fuss-free meal.

This is a comfortable food court with no lingering food smell, so you'll fly fresh and clean!

Some stalls currently offer opening promotion prices, such as Roasted Chicken Rice for RM9.90, so bookmark Food District if you're flying soon.

Bonus points: With indoor and outdoor seating, Food District boasts one of the airport's best views for watching the planes leave and land.

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This is the third location for Food District, following its spaces in 1 Utama Shopping Centre & Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang.

A variety of seating caters for everyone, from solo travellers to couples and families. 

You won't feel overcrowded, since there are plenty of tables and countertops.

The attractive ambiance includes tall pillars and wide windows with a wonderful perspective of KLIA2's surroundings.

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The alfresco area is the ideal section for plane-watching, with a first-class view of the runway!

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Food District comprises easy-to-navigate stalls.

For Beverages, savour a simple Malaysian kopitiam breakfast by pairing a cup of Teh (RM4.90) with Kaya Butter Toast (RM4.90) and Soft Boiled Eggs (RM3.90 for two eggs).

Quench your thirst with Milo Kaw (RM8.90) or indulge in shakes that come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, including the Blueberry Shake (RM17.90), Strawberry Shake (RM17.90) and Peach Shake (RM16.90).

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Chicken Rice serves quick, filling plates of Roasted Chicken Rice (from RM9.90), Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Wan Tan Mee (RM14.90 for opening promo; normal price RM18.90), as well as steamed chicken and and varieties of side dishes such as tauge, fish ball soup, braised egg and braised tofu.

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Sizzling & Hotplate steams up with bestsellers like Sizzling Yee Mee with Chicken and
Mushroom (opening promo price RM9.90; normal price RM14.90) and Fried Fish Buttermilk with Rice (RM15.90).

Other fish hotplate flavours include brown sauce, kam heong, lemon sauce, Marmite, salted egg, sambal, sweet and sour, curry sauce or black pepper. Rice with beef or chicken is also available with a similar selection of sauces. 

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For Malaysia's national dish, dig into Nasi Lemak Udang Kunyit with plump, bouncy prawns and spicy sambal (RM15.90), plus nasi lemak with ayam kunyit, sotong kunyit, sambal petai, sambal kerang, ayam goreng, ayam masak merah, kari ayam, kari daging, rendang ayam and rendang daging.

This stall also serves Indonesian favourites like Nasi Ayam Penyet (RM16.90) and Indomie Ayam Geprek (RM13.90).

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Prefer Western classics? Food District has us covered with Crispy Chicken Chop (RM17.90), Aglio Olio Seafood (RM19.90), fish and chips, lamb chops, steak, salmon fillets, and pastas in carbonara, bolognese or creamy mushroom sauce.

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Nasi Kandar offers a lip-smacking taste of Penang with lauk like beef rendang (RM6.90), salted egg (RM2.90) and ladies' fingers (RM3.90). This stall also specialises in a range of fried rice, noodles and roti canai - marvellous for mamak-inspired cooking!

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Nasi Campur lets you mix and match your preferred ingredients, such as kung pao chicken (RM4.90), spinach (RM3.90) and tofu with minced chicken (RM3.90).

Also choose from chicken (RM4.90, prepared in styles like black pepper, ginger with spring onion, sesame oil, or sweet and sour), beef (RM6.90), seafood (RM6.90; curry squid, ginger with spring onion fish or lala, salted egg prawn, sweet and sour fish or taucu fish) and vegetables (RM3.90; broccoli with cauliflower and carrot, choy sum, eggplant with minced chicken, kai lan with salted fish, ladies' fingers, long beans and more).

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For Noodles, enjoy opening promotion prices for hearty, slurp-worthy bowls: Hor Fun Soup (RM9.90 for opening promo; normal price RM12.90), Curry Mee Soup (RM11.90 for opening promo; normal price RM14.90), Prawn Mee Soup (RM11.90 for opening promo, normal price RM14.90), tom yam soup and lou shu fun.

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Little Wok fries up a scrumptious storm of Moonlight Hor Fun, creamy with a runny yolk (RM14.90) and Seafood Fried Rice with shrimp and clams (RM16.90).

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Food District
Level 3, Departure Hall, gateway@klia2 (next to Nando’s)
L3-33, 47, 48, 49, 50, KLIA2, 64000 Sepang, Selangor.
Open Daily, 8am-10pm.
All prices above are subject to SST.