Flavors of Chili's: Flavourful Food, Irresistible Value

March 15, 2019

Chicken fired up with a medley of mixed chillies; beef burgers cooled down with creamy guacamole; prawns made smoky and tangy, rounded out with naturally sweet succotash: The new Flavors of Chili's menu brings seven vibrantly diverse dishes to this casual American dining restaurant that has remained deeply beloved in Malaysia for close to three decades.

For this sampling of Flavors of Chili's, available only until April 2019, we returned to the pioneering Malaysian outpost in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Chili's scene of countless birthday celebrations, reunions of families and friends, and other memory-making occasions for more than a generation.

Note: To celebrate the Flavors of Chili's promotion, Chili's Malaysia is holding a Scratch and Redeem Contest from 28 March until 30 April 2019. Fans who order from the Flavors of Chili's menu can go to flavorsofchilis.com and stand a chance to win Gift Certificates worth RM10, RM20 and RM50 or other gifts including Free Tostada Chips and Salsa. T&C apply.  

The seven fresh-faced temptations for Flavors of Chili's light up the imagination by putting a 2019 creative spin on robust recipes that stay true to Chili's classic U.S. Southwestern heritage. But despite 2019's rising food prices, the Flavors of Chili's menu strives to offer more than reasonable value - you can enjoy a hearty main course of Fried Chicken with Green Chile Sauce for just RM27.95, savouring a mammoth slice of golden chicken breast resting on a bed of mixed-chillies Chile sauce, rounded out with mashed potatoes and warm country gravy for a crunchy-juicy-creamy textural contrast, richly completed with roasted corn, slaw and beef bacon bits that makes for more than a balanced meal that'll both satisfy the taste buds and banish hunger pangs.

If you love chicken, you'll also want to consider the Ancho Parmesan Chicken, showcasing tender breast meat that's saturated with ancho paste, a sauce made with imported Mexican chillies, yielding a light-to-medium level of spiciness with a mildly tangy edge, partnering perfectly with honey-chipotle butter, crumbled feta cheese and fresh cilantro for a vividly reinvigorating ensemble that might taste more Mex than Tex, while being all uniquely and awesomely Chili's (RM31.95 served also with roasted corn and Chile broccoli).

The Flavors of Chili's menu promises something for everyone: Moving on from poultry to prawns with pasta, the Spicy Smoked Prawn Pasta is exactly what you'd expect from the description - a princely portion of penne that's crowned with succulent prawns, brightened with corn succotash, made savoury with Monterey Jack cheese, crisped up with breadcrumbs, perky with citrus chilli sauce and fresh cilantro - a thoughtfully conceived creation that makes every mouthful burst with nuanced dynamics and dimensions (RM31.95).

Besides main courses designed for raging appetites, Flavors of Chili's also comprises irresistible temptations built for sharing: The Burger Bites Platter promises slider-like mini burgers with handcrafted beef patties with a choice of two flavours - Original, with a caramelised blend of mustard-spiked punchiness, or Guacamole with that unmistakable avocado kick. You can have four for RM25.95 or eight for RM50.95, picking purely one flavour or both for your platter.

Chili's has long been popular for chicken wings, slathered in sauces that span BBQ to Buffalo Wings varieties. The Flavors of Chili's selection adds one more to that canon - the Chili Garlic Wings, with plump drumettes hand-tossed in in a chile garlic sauce that's aromatically sweet, spicy and sour simultaneously, sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese and fresh cilantro to enliven the chicken, plus some avocado crema and lime for further harmonious notes that keep each bite engaging (RM25.95).

The Honey-Chipotle Beef Bacon Skewers also make for an intriguing snack that'll be polished off by everyone with ease, since it's instantly addictive - the beef bacon's depth of flavour finds a lovely counterpoint in the honey-chipotle glaze, with a nectarous sultriness and hints of spice; certainly not your typical beef bacon, for patrons seeking playful pleasure in their culinary experience (RM21.95).

We were stuffed by now after half-a-dozen hot food indulgences, but there's no leaving without dessert. Thankfully, the Flavors of Chili's menu offers a lucky-number-seven treat for the sweet tooth - Strawberry and Chocolate Nachos, cinnamon sugar-coated tortilla chips drizzled with strawberry puree and chocolate syrup, spruced up with fresh strawberries and scoop of ice cream, for a sugary twist on Tex-Mex traditions that'll thrill the young at heart (RM19.95).

All in all, the Flavors of Chili's menu should beckon both regular loyalists as well as patrons who haven't been back to Chili's for some time. It explores and enhances Chili's repertoire, in a testament to this thriving brand's continued relevance in the 21st century. Many thanks to Chili's for having us.

Available at all Chili's outlets in Malaysia (except Chili's in Mont Kiara) for dine-in, take away, and online delivery (via Foodpanda and DeliverEat). Free Kids Meal is also applicable, for dine-in only.

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