Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom: Seeking entrepreneurs to sell seafood

September 12, 2020

With more than three decades of experience in the seafood industry, Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom has evolved from a fish market vendor into a seafood importer and now, a seafood marketplace. The company is now welcoming Malaysians to start their own business under Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's entrepreneur programme - all you need is an initial capital of below RM10,000 to access a ready inventory of seafood to sell, complete equipment, and a full-fledged support team as the backbone of your business.

This initiative promises a comprehensive route to enter the frozen seafood business at a fraction of a cost compared to franchise fees that can run into tens of thousands of ringgit for many F&B brands.

Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's credentials help to inspire confidence - its network includes numerous seafood large-scale suppliers, both in Malaysia and abroad, that provide sustainable, good-quality resources at relatively low prices. Its founders began as a family-run wet market business in the 1980s, emerging as frozen seafood importers and wholesalers in the past decade, supplying to restaurants and retailers. It has also established a cold chain logistics enterprise, with dozens of trucks covering the entire peninsular Malaysia.

We had the chance to visit Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's headquarters in Bandar Sunway, where its main warehouse and office is located. We were impressed by the operations of its friendly and approachable team, which is passionate and professional about the supply of seafood. We've also had the opportunity to taste Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's products over the years and have enjoyed the respectable quality of its seafood.

Boarding Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's entrepreneurs' programme provides access to its wide-ranging inventory, which includes best-sellers like Norwegian salmon, Chilean cod fish, sea white prawns, unagi, perch fillets, mussels, scallops, and much, much more.

Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's strong market presence promises global procurement and sourcing at a guaranteed low cost, as well as the availability of special seasonal products. Its entrepreneurship programme brings a host of helpful benefits - from a speedy, easy ordering process and delivery, to a cloud-based accounting software system. Marketing and promotional material will also be offered for e-commerce efforts.

The programme provides a freezer for each participant's own use. The initial capital required is a choice of either RM6,000 or RM9,000.

If you choose the RM6,000 package, you'll be provided with seafood inventory worth RM3,000, a freezer worth RM2,000, plus material and marketing support, inclusive of a refundable deposit of RM1,000.

If you choose the RM9,000 package, the inventory will be worth RM6,000 and a larger freezer worth RM3,000 will be provided, with the same refundable deposit of RM1,000. Note that due to cost price differences, your profit margins for the RM9,000 package will be higher.

Entrepreneurs who perform well will receive extra rewards. If you purchase RM30,000 worth of Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's inventory each month for a minimum of six consecutive months, you'll be eligible to receive a one-tonne lorry (with no capital cost or rental fee, with a refundable RM6,000 deposit), a free additional freezer, or seafood products worth RM2,000.

Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom's entrepreneurship programme currently supports Kedah, Penang, Perak, Putrajaya, the Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor Bahru, with plans to expand to the rest of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. It will cap the number of entrepreneurs who offer their product per state, to prevent undercutting and price conflicts.

All information in this post was provided by Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom. You might have a few more questions about this programme before signing up - please contact Deep Sea Kingdom Fishery's Chili Lee at +6016-203-0179 or [email protected] or Sam Chong at +6017-878-0972 or [email protected]