Davely Bakery Cafe by Bundle of Bun: Subang's place for Portuguese egg tarts, waffles with gelato & more

February 27, 2024

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Davely Bakery Cafe, previously known as Bundle of Bun, began as a supplier of buns for schools, hospitals and cafeterias. 

But it has become a Subang favourite for Portuguese egg tarts, pleasurable waffles with house-made gelato, blissful buns, beautiful burgers, plus hot meals of hearty rice and pasta platters.

This bakery-cafe is helmed by a friendly Malaysian couple who met while studying and working in Taiwan - it's a soothing stop in SS19 for a leisurely lunch or to pick up some signature Portuguese egg tarts for the family at home. 

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There's much to explore here, but the ideal introduction is the Portuguese Egg Tart (RM3 each, RM10 for four pieces). 

Davely Bakery Cafe relies on its own recipe - this is subtly more aromatic than the typical egg tart, with a mild, modest sweetness that will please patrons of all generations.

We love every part of this tart, from its custardy, caramelised centre, fragrant and flavoursome, to the surprisingly layered pastry base, which conveys a crisp flakiness that evokes croissants.

This Portuguese Egg Tart is Davely's standout signature - it has been with the cafe since the start, and it has become beloved by countless customers.

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For an irresistible teatime indulgence, the Gelato with Waffle is a true treat - customers can currently enjoy one free scoop of gelato by purchasing a waffle with a single scoop of gelato and fruits.

This waffle has a firm crunch to the bite but an alluring airiness to the chew. It holds up terrifically to the toppings, which include Davely's own-churned gelato.

The gelato merits a mention - it's sumptuously smooth, thick and creamy, offered in flavours of French vanilla, tropical mango, choco fondente (dark chocolate) or hojicha.

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Davely also boasts a full-fledged kitchen that's capable of whipping up complete meals, such as the Crispy Chicken Burger with fries. It's a large, whopping burger, layered with lettuce and tomato over a fuss-free chicken patty, packed in a soft, fluffy bun.

The Chicken Bolognese is simple and soulful, with properly prepared pasta tossed in rich, robust ragu, made punchy and savoury with plenty of Parmesan cheese sprinkles.

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Davely isn't just about bread and bakes - it also does delicious rice platters. 

The Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken is bolstered by the kitchen's own rendang recipe and house-crafted sambal. The rendang is exuberantly balanced with over 10 spices, coating succulent chicken, partnered with a textured sambal that's more spicy than sweet.

The Butter Chicken Rice is also a winner, with a sultry buttermilk sauce that's silky, not powdery, fired up with cili padi and curry leaves for a confident, crowd-pleasing hit.

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Davely's interpretation of Butter Kaya Toast features a house-baked bun with house-blended kaya and New Zealand butter, generously proportioned, available all day long. 

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For a variety of buns, Davely offers something for everyone, with tender, gentle textures that remind us of respected Japanese-style bakeries.

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Seeking savoury snacks? The Cheese Sausage Bun is a fast, fulfilling fix, while the Mushroom Chicken Bun is like mushroom chicken pie transformed into a bun.

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For a little more sugar to sweeten your day, check out the unmistakable Melon Bun or the Butter Sugar Cheese, which harmoniously marries the sweet and the savoury.

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Other offerings include the classic Coffee Bun, well-stuffed Cranberry Cream Cheese Bun and Red Bean Bun, brimming with real red beans.

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Davely  is also a good bet for gift boxes, ideal for events or to send to your favourite friends and family members. This can be packed with your selection of specialities, from egg tarts to buttery scones and mini fruit tarts topped with blueberries, strawberries, kiwi or longan.

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Complete your Davely experience with a calming latte while exploring the lunch and teatime promotions.

For lunch (11am-3pm, Monday to Saturday), enjoy a free drink of the day when you order the chicken bolognese pasta, creamy carbonara pasta, butter chicken rice, Thai fish fillet rice, or salted egg chicken rice.

For tea (3pm-6pm, Thursday to Saturday), enjoy an Americano for only RM5 when you purchase any slice of cake - other coffees can be topped up.

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Davely's setting is striking in shades of cyan, cosy and comfortable for a casual visit. This multifaceted space blends the rustic look of an exposed brick wall with water-inspired aquarium-style aesthetics, lined with shelves filled with fresh bakes to tempt us.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-21 at 17.05.31.jpegDavely Bakery Cafe by Bundle of Bun

12, Jalan SS19/6, SS19, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Open Monday-Saturday, 7:30am-7:30pm. Tel: 016-335-4525