CITTA Mall: New Restaurants for Buka Puasa Feasts

May 21, 2018

By Aiman Azri

CITTA Mall is enjoying a resurgence this year, with beloved F&B brands finding a new home at this popular PJ neighbourhood hub. Serving everything from contemporary Malaysian rice platters to classic Japanese rice bowls, Thai noodles to East Asian cheese tea, as well as sumptuous cakes with personal flourishes, a slew of fresh faces have surfaced to make CITTA Mall an increasingly delicious destination in the past three months.

With Ramadan now upon us, here are six recommended venues for your buka puasa feast - plus a contest for you to win a complimentary meal at one of them!

Secret Recipe

Enduring for more than two decades now, Secret Recipe is a genuine Malaysian household name that has remained steadily relevant in the 21st century, with hundreds of outposts not only in this country but across Asia.

Secret Recipe's branch in CITTA Mall sports a refreshed look for this brand, boasting a brighter, more modern look that keeps up with the ever-changing times.

While generations of customers might know Secret Recipe best for its cakes, the brand currently has a comprehensive menu with numerous pleasant surprises.

Specially for Ramadan, Secret Recipe promises a Nasi Tomato set, a completely satisfying meal on its own, partnered with a substantial serving of crispy fried chicken, authentic acar and a fried egg.

The main menu also spotlights temptations galore that span both East and West, ranging from a Seafood Mee Mamak to a Spicy Seafood Medley Pasta that both showcase the bounty of the sea. Match these with beverages like the Iced Plum Lime Juice or Bandung Selasih.

Secret Recipe's extensive repertoire of cakes continues to excite, with the latest thrill being the Salted Caramel Macadamia Cheese, a rich, well-executed treat for all ages, with a lovely nuttiness that's wedded to the cake's luscious allure. 

We're also fans of the made-to-order line-up of Shinjuku Bakes, an intriguing lightly buttered soft cake served warm, complemented by macadamia nuts, whipped cream and two scoops of vanilla ice cream, as well as extra combinations of Nutella, caramel, maple syrup, or chocolate sauce.

To win Secret Recipe cash vouchers totalling RM50, tell us which Secret Recipe dish or cake is your favourite on the menu and why - comment on our official Eat Drink KL Facebook page link to this article by May 31 and we'll choose a winning entry on June 1! Comment on this link: https://www.facebook.com/eatdrinkkl/posts/400423583767892

Sushi Zanmai


Sushi Zanmai has fast become one of CITTA Mall's busiest venues, packed with patrons for both lunch and dinner, proving that the brand is still one of the Klang Valley's top destinations for fulfilling Japanese fare after 11 years. This branch at CITTA Mall is one of Sushi Zanmai's newest, captivating customers with more than 100 dishes on a menu that hits all the touchstones of Japanese cooking.

The Sushi Zanmai spread is perfect for families and friends to gather after a full day of fasting. You'll find wholesome recipes like the Hiyashi Ramen, a refreshing ensemble of chilled ramen noodles with prawns and scallops, and hearty choices such as the Madara Don, a rice bowl topped with crispy-fried Pacific cod fish.

You can't go wrong with Sushi Zanmai's flagship sushi options. Salmon enthusiasts should sample the Aburi Salmon Yukke Sushi and Salmon Yuzu Kosho Sushi, but we're also fans of the Inari Ika Mentai Sushi (roasted cuttlefish with cod roe in tofu pouches), Awabi Teri-mayo Sushi (abalone with mayonnaise) and Ajitsuke Shiitake Sushi (seasoned shiitake mushrooms), with fresh seafood sourced from Japan and beyond by the brand's meticulous founders.


Also suitable for sharing, the Fiery Oyster Roll is a truly mouthwatering maki of an oyster sushi roll topped with mildly spicy avocado, omelette and tomato. Other recommendations for the ideal introduction to Sushi Zanmai include the Mame Aji Karaage (fried horse mackerel) and Ebi Mentaiyaki (large prawns grilled with cod roe, buttered up nicely).

Sushi Zanmai's Lavender Ice Cream is well worth trying for a sweet conclusion, delicately flavoured with natural nuances. Wash it all down with Passionfruit Tea, Kyoho Soda or a Matcha Float, and this will be a Ramadan meal to remember!

Boat Noodle


Boat Noodle's rapid expansion is underscored by its 50th outpost, positioned in CITTA Mall for customers seeking a taste of Bangkok-inspired street food in PJ.

To rouse the appetite, patrons are encouraged to mix and match their noodles with a choice of four flagship broths: Pathumtani, Ayutthaya, Prosperity Yum, and the new Prikthai Power, a peppery recipe that complements the noodles, served with chicken or beef.


The Prikthai Kombo is perfect for a Boat Noodle dinner to banish hunger pangs, comprising six bowls of noodles (with at least two of them being the Prikthai Power), bolstered by two toppings (Fried Wonton Skin and Fried Chicken Skin are the addictively crunchy options), and a drink (either Roselle Tea, Mango Smoothie, or Blue Butterfly), for RM20.85.

For Ramadan, Boat Noodle is offering an extravaganza of unlimited noodles and toppings at RM59.90 for two pax, and RM99.90 for four pax. You get to try everything and order as much noodles as your heart (and tummy!) desires. Their full list of Ramadan promotions can be found on http://www.boatnoodle.com.my


CITTA Mall's latest restaurant is a clear winner for chicken dinners, having reputedly served some four billion chicken wings since 1994, from its birthplace in Texas to more than a thousand outposts that stretch from Ohio to Oregon. 

Variety is the spice of this brand: Choose from classic, breaded or boneless wings, or breast fillet tenders, or thigh burgers, prepared to order with plenty of flavours available - a taste of Americana in the Louisiana Rub, Hickory Smoked BBQ or Buffalo, fancy fusion in the Garlic Parmesan, Mango Habanero or Lemon Pepper, and a nod to Asia in the Balinese Spice, Oriental Sweet Soy, for-the-masochists Atomic fiery, or finally, perfect for Ramadan, the entirely Malaysian Sambal Pedas.

A Slice of Heaven

A Slice of Heaven marks the latest kiosk by the Just Heavenly dessert experts, who have long established themselves as a palate-pleasuring force in Bangsar, Damansara Heights and elsewhere in the Klang Valley. You can now find their most popular pastries and cakes to take home here at CITTA Mall, including many festive specials for celebratory occasions like Aidilfitri and Father's Day.

Check out the Coconutz, a cake inspired by kaya and peanut butter with toast, the favourite breakfast of Just Heavenly's co-founder - the folks here created this by roasting and grinding their own peanuts to achieve the exact texture and consistency needed to elevate this cake. The unsweetened peanut butter is then deftly balanced with the cream cheese and kaya custard, birthing a new cake that buoyantly epitomises the Malaysian spirit. Available in slices or as a whole 9-inch cake.


The kiosk's chiller truly promises paradise for the sweet tooth - you'll find numerous unique concoctions, crafted with the playful creativity and painstaking care that are the hallmarks of the Just Heavenly brand.

These treats would work for special occasions as well as for everyday indulgences: Try the Kelapa Melaka Tart (with salted coconut custard and Gula Melaka cream) and the Key Lime Tart (with lime mousse and dairy cream) for supper or sahur, or bring home some sumptuous eclairs and sesame-spiked Black Velvet cakes to delight the family. Ask for the "wodges," cute wedge-like slices of cakes that offer a fun way to sample different varieties.

Chizu & Toast


Chizu burst into the Malaysian scene last year with its unconventional cheese beverages (featuring tea, coffee and other drinks topped with Japanese-inspired cheese foam), and it's now spread to CITTA Mall too, capitalising on the mall's alfresco area for its breezy, leafy seating space.

While Chizu might be best known for its beverages, there's plenty of munch on too, including lightly toasted, freshly prepared sandwiches that would be a fuss-free way to break your fast, offered in a range that includes Chicken Patty Toast, Turkey Ham Toast, Hash Brown Toast, Beef Patty Toast, and Tamago Cheese Toast.

Cute little 'sushi cakes' are also available, fitting into your palm in the size of large sushi pieces, in colourfully crowd-pleasing flavours like Marble Cheese, Coconut Delight, and Exotic Chocolate.

After a long day of fasting, quenching the thirst would be an immediate priority: Chizu can be relied on for that, with its array of Cheese Tea, Cheese Drinks, Fruit Tea, and Coffee. Standouts include the Jasmine Green Tea Cheese, the Pink Guava Umeboshi Cheese, and the Nutty Cocoa Latte Cheese - long, cold drinks to completely revive the spirit.

If you haven't been back to CITTA Mall in a long time, now could be be the time to return. This was our first visit here since early 2017, and we were pleasantly surprised to see a renewed sense of communal liveliness across the space, illustrated by the new eateries and the encouraging crowds.

Many thanks to CITTA Mall and these restaurants for having us.


1, Jalan PJU 1a/48, Pusat Perdagangan Dana 1, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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