Chunky Monkeys launches low-carb, sugar-free ice cream for a keto-friendly treat

October 28, 2022

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KL's new keto-friendly ice cream promises a healthier pint of pleasure: Chunky Monkeys churns out a crowd-pleasing range of sugar-free, eggless indulgences with a lower carb count, still smooth and sumptuous.

Each freshly hand-crafted pint features less than 4 grams of net carbs but remains lusciously lovable, melting marvellously in the mouth. Three flavours - Vanilla Dream, Chocolate Minx, and Sweet & Salty - are now available to order for delivery on chunkymonkeys.oddle.me and GrabFood.

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For a simple temptation that fulfils our frozen fantasies, Chunky Monkeys' Vanilla Dreams (3oz for RM7.90; pint for RM27.90) is potent with French vanilla paste, fragrant from the first spoon.

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The Chocolate Minx (3oz RM9.90; pint RM34.90) evokes a hot chocolate beverage transformed into ice cream, with a delightful cocoa depth that soothes the spirit. All the richness of everyone's childhood favourite flavour, in a wholesome, guilt-free recipe.

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Sweet & Salty might look like mint ice cream, but it's fundamentally vanilla with a fun infusion of sea salt for a savoury kick, coloured naturally with blue spirulina. This is the perfect palate cleanser to conclude a meal, something we'd happily stock in our refrigerator!

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Chunky Monkeys
17, Jalan Seri Rejang 1, Taman Sri Rampai, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Monday-Saturday, 1130am-8pm. Tel: 012-271-2607
Order on chunkymonkeys.oddle.me
Also available on GrabFood.

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