Chris Kitchen: Home Baker for Cakes, Cookies & Tarts

November 5, 2020

Desserts for delivery, both crunchy and creamy, crafted to crush chocolate cravings and more: After a dozen years of professional F&B experience, whipping up pies and pastries in Penang, Ipoh and Singapore, chef Chris is now back in KL with his own home bakery. If you enjoy sweet treats made from scratch with choice ingredients, check out Chris Kitchen.

Chris Kitchen's Strawberry Chocolate Mousse cake would look perfectly in place in any respected dessert parlour -  its deep, dark flavour is soothing and sultry, making this a richly sumptuous choice if you're seeking a mighty fine chocolate cake (RM65 for six-inch, RM97 for eight-inch). 

If you favour nuttier cakes, the Pistachio Cake is a buttery flour cake layered with luscious cream cheese, punctuated with pistachios in all their aromatic allure. A full six-inch cake clocks in at RM88, a nine-incher is RM115.

Other available cakes include the popular Burnt Cheesecake, Butterscotch Cake, and Coconut & Mango White Chocolate Mousse Cake - something for every cake-loving preference.

Chris Kitchen’s tarts are elegantly refined, with crumbly crusts encircling a flavour-packed filling. If you like dense, robust flavours, choose the salted caramel chocolate; if you want something slightly more delicate, the lemon meringue nonetheless still carries a zesty zing that'll perk up the palate. Tarts start at RM74 for six servings or at RM46 for 12 smaller portions.

Snack-sized sweet treats will banish the bitter workday blues. Chris Kitchen's Chocolate Chip Cookies are comfortingly tender, loaded lovingly with soft choc chips (RM15 for a dozen fragrant, fresh-from-the-oven cookies), while the Chocolate Brownies channel all the concentrated chocolaty characteristics and complexities of Chris' cakes and tarts (RM45 for 16).

Chris Kitchen's final swoon-worthy piece of the puzzle for chocolate lovers is the Chocolate Truffles (RM15 for a box of six). These initially yield a nearly toffee-like consistency and chew, albeit with the pure punch of delectably dark chocolate that ultimately melts in the mouth, made addictively extra-textured with coconut flakes or crushed cereal.

All in all, Chris has harnessed his many years of experience into a kitchen that will satisfy any devotee of desserts. Many thanks to Chris Kitchen for this sampling.

Chris Kitchen
To order, WhatsApp 010-209-5303

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