Cakeissweet: Decadent Desserts for Delivery

November 25, 2020

Roses are red, violets are blue, Cakeissweet: This Malaysian home baker is sugarcoating life's realities with frosted, fluffy fantasies, fresh from her oven. Lily, the founder of Cakeissweet, has been baking since her teens, bringing more than two decades of experience to her lovingly crafted creations.

Green is good when it comes to Cakeissweet: The Matcha Biscoff cheesecake is a decadent dream, creamy as the richest mousse, robust with the aromatic allure of green tea, generously showered with those unmistakable Biscoff crumbs (RM50 for two four-inch cakes). An absolute star of a cake.

Cakeissweet's creativity is best represented by its Onde-onde Cake - pandan butter cake layered with gula Melaka drizzle and coconut flake topping, perfectly capturing the flavour of the classic kuih in a fragrant butter cake that all generations will adore.

We're also instantly smitten with Cakeissweet's cupcakes, with their dense double chocolate base, crowned with irresistibly luscious frostings in flavours like Biscoff or salted caramel (RM36 for six pieces).

Note: Cakeissweet is offering free deliveries on orders placed every Thursday from 12am to 11:59pm for the same day or for a selected date and time, up to seven days in advance.


airasia.com/food/1127/cakeissweet (get 25% off with the code CAKE25)

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