Brew & Sip: Bandar Sri Damansara's wholesome new cafe with creative plant milk coffee

September 21, 2022

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Brew & Sip Coffee Bar is Bandar Sri Damansara's latest cafe, with a twist to its offerings.

This might be KL's only cafe without cow's milk for its creative coffee concoctions - instead, Brew & Sip relies purely on plant-based alternatives like pea milk and oat milk, resulting in relatively wholesome beverages, completely vegan-friendly and lactose-free.

Brown rice and salad bowls also promise plenty of plant-based possibilities. Even the range of imported craft beer features a healthier perspective, some of them gluten-free or low-calorie. 

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If you love cafes with a sense of spaciousness, Brew & Sip fits the bill, with a breezy alfresco area that overlooks lush, lovely trees. It's calm and comfortable for both relaxing or working, with speedy WiFi to welcome everyone who needs it.

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Brew & Sip isn't only about coffee and beer; it boasts a full kitchen that serves customisable bowls, perfect for a hearty lunch or soulful dinner, packed with your preferred ingredients.

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The Meatless Katsu Bowl (RM22) bursts with flavour - we had this as a fully green bowl, with no grains, topped with soy-protein-based breaded chicken substitute, partnered with black vinegar onion sauce, capsicum, carrots, lettuce and crisp local ulam. It's nutritionally balanced, with lots of fresh, vibrant produce. 

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Brown rice makes a fulfilling base for the Meatless Chargrilled Bowl (RM22), blanketed with chargrilled soy-protein chicken substitute, sesame soy sauce, tamago and lettuce. 

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If you crave real chicken, Brew & Sip does that too - the Sesame Oil Chicken Bowl (RM22) is a signature crowd-pleaser, comprising tenderly air-fried chicken breast with minimal oiliness, complete with cucumber, lettuce and pineapple on brown rice. It tastes like comforting home cooking, rooted in rustic flavours.

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Amid all the wholesomeness, there's still some indulgence to be discovered here. If you're feeling sinful, dig into the Guinness Chocolate Cake (RM22), a dark chocolate cake infused with black stout, with deep notes of brilliant bittersweetness.

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The variety of coffee and chocolate beverages is tempting - for its caffeine, Brew & Sip harnesses a blend of Brazilian and Vietnam beans with a mellow acidity, an appealing base for its classic and creative concoctions. 

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For a straightforward coffee, try the Latte (RM13), made elegantly earthy with pea milk. Brew & Sip uses high-protein pea milk that's fortified to contain 50% more calcium than cow’s milk, free of lactose, allergens, nuts, soy and GMO ingredients. 

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Brew & Sip's unconventional Iced Grey Latte (RM17) brings together espresso with Earl Grey tea and pea milk for an intriguing combination, like a reinterpretation of Malaysian cham; the floral flavour and fragrance hit first, followed by the gentle aromatics of the coffee. 

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Taste the tang: The Coffee Orange (RM13) is layered with Thai tangerine juice, stirred with coffee to pack a punch of fruitiness. This will wake you up for sure!

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Even the Iced Chocolate (RM17) is created with pea milk - it tastes less sugary, much lighter and more refreshing than regular iced chocolate. Soothing stuff.

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For beer enthusiasts, current promotions include four bottles of Birra Moretti for RM80 (while stocks last).

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Brew & Sip 
P-2-3, Ativo Suites 1, Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Sunday-Thursday, 11am-6pm; Friday-Saturday, 11am-9pm. Closed Wednesday.
Tel: 011-6520-1808