Breakfast Spot's latest menu brings tiffin-style nasi lemak & playful pleasures to Bukit Bintang

June 23, 2023

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Nearly one year after Breakfast Spot launched in Bukit Bintang, we returned for its newly refreshed menu, which comprises plenty of playful pleasures.

From tiffin-style nasi lemak to crowd favourites infused with local twists, plus the cutest chocolate beverage in the city centre, Breakfast Spot is well worth rediscovering in 2023, for breakfast, lunch and tea.

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Elevate your nasi lemak experience with Breakfast Spot's latest Nasi Lemak (RM26.50), served in a tiffin carrier that evokes nostalgically packed lunches. 

This is a hearty nasi lemak, complete with aromatic coconut milk rice and all the essential accompaniments, bolstered by a mellow, easy-going chicken rendang and otak-otak, rounded out with extra-spicy sambal with a powerful punch. Perfect for patrons who prefer to savour authentically Malaysian fare in a contemporary cafe.

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If you can't get enough of the lip-smacking chicken rendang, enjoy it in the Eggs Benedict Rendang (RM27.50), with pulled chicken meat blanketed by plump poached eggs, tomato confit, salad leaves and hollandaise sauce on English muffins.

One of the most beautifully presented Eggs Benedict in the heart of KL, with a tasty, creamy touch of chicken rendang to make it memorable.

The remarkable rendang resurfaces for the Chicken Rendang Roti Prata (RM26), an Asian sensation that the local palate will fancy to the fullest.

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A Malaysian flourish can also be found in the Nyonya Laksa Pasta (RM26.50), full of flavour and fragrance surrounding its seafood bounty of squid, prawns and fish. A fun way to relish a Malaccan-inspired recipe in a drier, concentrated pasta form.

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Fans of Western fare, fear not: Breakfast Spot continues to shine a light on specialities like the Avocado Toast (RM28), remixed this year to showcase a dynamic duet of freshly sliced avocado and mashed avocado, layered with poached egg, sea salt and marinated tomato over sourdough toast, with balsamic glaze on the side for an additional kick of tangy sweetness.

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For succulence to sink your teeth into, order the Open-faced Steak Sandwich (RM44.50) - a terrifically tender, meaty cut that would be satisfying even on its own, made full-bodied with house-baked sourdough toast for a textured triumph.

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Burger buffs, bookmark Breakfast Spot for the flamboyant Flaming Chicken Burger (RM27 with thick-cut fries and salad), a chunk of fried chicken with cheese, topped not only with tomato but super-spicy sambal to perk up the palate with every fiery bite. 

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Kids of all ages will adore the WOO Chocolate (RM14), with googly eyes that transform this hot chocolate into a charming cartoon character.

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Breakfast Spot is full of photogenic wonders - the Flower Earl Grey Tea Ice (RM16) is a floral treasure, icy with Earl Grey and nectarous with rose syrup, the ideal teatime temptation.

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Breakfast Spot

2, Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. 
Daily, 8am-6pm.Tel: 013-977-1010