Boncafé: Award-winning gourmet coffee supplier launches a bright white look with brand-new promotions in Malaysia

October 13, 2023

With a heritage that stretches back six decades, award-winning gourmet coffee supplier Boncafé is launching a bright, brand-new look!

Boncafé's freshly designed retail coffee packaging marks a shift from sleek black to classic pearlescent white, embodying a deeper connection with contemporary coffee enthusiasts who enjoy making coffee at home with fuss-free simplicity.

Inside, the roasted and ground Boncafé coffee beans retain their reputation for excellence, reinforced by a milestone recognition: Boncafé's ground coffee blends - All Day, Espresso and Decaffeinated - recently received the prestigious 2023 Superior Taste Award from the Brussels International Taste Institute. 

Explore Boncafé's packaging across its multiple coffee blends, then experience the bliss of a freshly brewed cup at home! Boncafé is available throughout convenient locations, from retail stores and supermarkets to online marketplaces. 


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Exclusively until 30 November 2023, Boncafé is offering a special reward for customers!

Get an RM8 Touch ’n Go e-rebate when you purchase the new Boncafé Roasted and Ground Coffee in Village Grocer and AEON stores.

To enjoy this e-rebate:

Step 1: Purchase any new pack of Boncafé Roasted or Ground Coffee (200 grams, worth RM40) in a single receipt.

Step 2: Scan the QR code to submit your receipt and details.

Step 3: Send your name, IC number and phone number with activated Touch ‘n Go e-wallet DuitNow account via Facebook Messenger to Boncafé to complete the redemption process.

Terms & Conditions apply (click here).

For more information, check out:


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Dedicated to delivering 'passion in every cup,' Boncafé is for home brewers seeking coffee in its purest, most authentic form, carefully selected from high altitudes, meticulously roasted via innovative techniques, ensuring affordability and quality. 

The Ground Coffee series is recommended for budding coffee enthusiasts. It comprises five exceptional blends, crafted for diverse taste preference - All Day, Espresso, Mocca, Morning, and Decaffeinated. 

Espresso was awarded the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute in Brussels this year. It is the strongest blend, with all the ideal characteristics of a classic Italian espresso. It boasts a rich texture, intense flavour and luxurious crema, making it a superb brew for the essential espresso flavour.

All Day was also awarded the Superior Taste Award. It is the most balanced, suitable for various taste buds. It's a dynamic full-bodied brew with a brisk, hearty flavour and a nutty aftertaste, making it a great beverage for any time of the day.

Mocca is potently lively with the exquisite bittersweet flavour of premium coffee, coupled with a sensuous chocolaty base.

Morning is instantly invigorating with a pleasantly powerful acidity, buoyed by a smooth, floral fragrance - the best blend to kickstart the morning.

Decaffeinated was awarded the Superior Taste Award. It promises deliciously aromatic Arabica beans, ideal if you love the rich flavours of coffee but want to minimise your caffeine consumption. 

For beginners to home brewing, Boncafé ground coffee can easily be prepared with a basic French press coffee maker, ready to drink in a few minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Boncafé's high-quality ground coffee can also be conveniently enjoyed as a pour over.

Meanwhile, Boncafé's Whole Bean series offers three blends: All Day, Espresso and Mocca, perfect for adventurous customers who want to experiment with different grind settings. This series also promises the freshest coffee possible.

The Whole Bean series is best brewed by those with grinders and espresso machines.




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BoncafÇ All Day Blend Ground Coffee 200g (7).jpgBoncafÇ Decaffeinated Blend Ground Coffee 200g (4).jpg

The Boncafé Group of Companies was established in 1962 in Singapore and is now part of the Milan-based Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

Embracing the Swiss tradition of precision and pursuit of perfection, Boncafé has become a leading gourmet coffee manufacturer and supplier in ASEAN, East Asia and the Middle East. Its valued customers include international hotels, resorts, airlines, restaurants, clubs and retail outlets, harnessing a comprehensive range of beverages such as roasted and ground coffee, tea, juices, ready-to-drink products, sauces, syrups, smoothies, frappe mixes, and coffee machines.

Explore the Boncafé @ Home concept store at Pavilion Bukit Jalil (Lot P4.19.01, Level 4, Orange Zone) to find Boncafé's full range for home brewers.