BlackBixon™: First Energy and Nutritional Coffee Capsules with health benefits for consumers

August 14, 2021

BlackBixon™ Coffee that's dynamically crafted for high energy and nutrition, infused with D-ribose and açai berry: BlackBixon™ harnesses the vigour of its namesake, the bisons that roam the wild plains of Wyoming, unleashed in lab-tested capsules that promise potent pleasure.

Now's the best time to try BlackBixon™, with subscription promotions that offer complimentary access to a dedicated BlackBixon™ coffee machine worth RM688.

BlackBixon™’s coffee capsules rely on top-flight Arabica beans - aromatically smooth, with hints of fruits, florals and nuts -  sourced from mountainous farms in Cerrado, Brazil and Bogota, Colombia. 

The capsules have been created through clinical research, imbued with plant-based bioactive ingredients. They're sold in sets of 10 capsules, certified free of heavy metals, harmful microbes and bacteria, with advanced sealing technology for the freshest flavours.

BlackBixon™ currently offers three varieties of coffee capsules, each catering to specific needs.

Seeking more pep and power in your everyday routine, especially if you lead an active lifestyle?

BlackBixon™ ENERGY Coffee (RM38 per tube of 10 capsules) is a delicious dark roast that boasts the star ingredient of U.S.-patented Bioenergy Ribose, the only D-ribose scientifically proven to enhance energy and endurance while curbing cramping and soreness.

Developed via the fermentation of corn seed, D-ribose combined with coffee is an effective boost for physical health, helping to also reduce recovery time after exercise.

BlackBixon™ ENERGY Coffee contains guarana extract as well, meant to support the metabolism, digestive system and immune wellness. 

Need more nutrients to keep you feeling hale and hearty throughout the day?

BlackBixon™ NUTRITIONAL Coffee (RM35 per tube of 10 capsules) is laced with acai, a superfood that's antioxidant-loaded, packed with fibre and numerous phytonutrients, helping to slow aging,

These capsules have their antioxidant levels certified, coming in at 40,600 ORAC - ranking even higher than fruits and vegetables like prunes, raisins, kale and spinach.

Taste-wise, this coffee is relatively sweet and fruity, a pleasure to sip. 

BlackBixon™ ORIGINAL Coffee (RM29 per tube of 10 capsules) is coffee at its most fundamental, a blend of fine Latin American Arabica beans, complete with all the known natural health benefits of coffee.

There are five different colours of coffee machines for you to choose from. 

Your cup of coffee is a breeze to prepare. Simply insert the capsules into the BlackBixon™ Coffee Machine to have your coffee ready within 45 seconds, at home, at the office or anywhere.

Fill the water tank and switch on the machine. 

Open the capsule compartment, put in your capsule, then close the compartment. 

Choose between an espresso (40ml, left button) or lungo (110ml, right button). That’s it!

BlackBixon™ is running two promotion packages that offer special access to the coffee machine.

The Consume-To-Own subscription promotion offers you FREE USAGE of the BlackBixon™ Coffee Machine with a minimum subscription of three tubes of coffee capsules per month at RM88, one each of ENERGY Coffee Capsules, NUTRITIONAL Coffee Capsules, and ORIGINAL Coffee Capsules. The initial upfront payment is RM299 (RM218 refundable deposit + RM81 first month subscription fee)

Additional tubes of coffee capsules will also be discounted to RM33 for ENERGY Coffee Capsules, RM30 for NUTRITIONAL Coffee Capsules and RM25 for ORIGINAL Coffee Capsules.

After six months, the deposit of RM218 can be refunded, as long as the BlackBixon™ Coffee Machine is returned in working condition. If you purchase up to 90 tubes of coffee capsules within 12 months, you can own the coffee machine. 

Plus, if you refer someone else to the BlackBixon™ Promotion Packages, you'll receive a RM25 referral fee.

The Outright Package promotion is the second option.

You'll receive the BlackBixon™ Coffee Machine to own, 30 tubes each of all three types of coffee, plus an extra 10 tubes of ORIGINAL Coffee Capsules. The products are collectively worth up to RM3,578, but you'll receive them for just RM2,499. 

That’s a discount of RM1,079, basically the cost of the BlackBixon™ Coffee Machine and the 10 tubes of ORIGINAL Coffee Capsules.

For the Outright Package promotion, the capsules will be delivered over a duration of 10 months. Each month, you'll receive 3 tubes of ENERGY Coffee Capsules, 3 tubes of NUTRITIONAL Coffee Capsules, and 4 tubes of ORIGINAL Coffee Capsules. Purchases of any additional capsules will be offered at member rates, similar to the Consume-To-Own subscription package promotion. 

Payments for the Outright Package promotion can be made over 6 or 12 months via credit card (Public Bank or Hong Leong Bank). If you choose the Outright Package promotion, you'll also be eligible to become a BlackBixon agent, where you can earn commissions. 

Both promotions are valid for a limited time, subject to terms and conditions. 

Complete your BlackBixon™ collection with sleek, striking BlackBixon™ mugs (RM58). The BlackBixon™ mug is a double-walled mug with lid and is made from stainless steel that keeps the coffee hot and fresh. 

More BlackBixon products, such as Choco Cacao for hot chocolate and V-creamer for vegetarian creamers, will be available soon. 

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