Bimba II brings burger bliss, pasta pleasure & much more to a Bandar Rimbayu pet-friendly paradise

August 23, 2023

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Bimba II is Bandar Rimbayu's smash sequel to a successful SS2 eatery, bringing burger bliss, pasta pleasure and much more to a brightly colourful cafe that's completely pet-friendly inside.

Fast becoming a delightful neighbourhood destination, Bimba II dishes out crowd-pleasers with local twists, from Deep-Fried Chicken Chop Charcoal Burgers to Mutton Curry Pasta.

Whether you crave a Big Breakfast or Nasi Lemak with Smoked Duck, Bimba II welcomes everyone through its distinctive wooden door. You'll also find unconventional beverages like Beetroot Lattes, Sweet Potato Shakes and Coconut Milkshakes!

The first Bimba opened in PJ in mid-2022, while Bimba II is only three months old. Where might Bimba III launch? Follow instagram.com/bimba.my and 
facebook.com/bimbakk to keep track!

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We love Bimba II's setting, evoking a long passageway with plenty of fun features, from wide mirrors and pop star posters to a contemporary collection of furniture.

It's easy to see why Bimba II is pretty popular as a private event space - enquire further to rent the entire cafe for birthday celebrations, corporate milestones and other special occasions.

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For a hearty meal, sink your teeth into the signature Deep-Fried Chicken Chop Charcoal Burger (RM19.90) - the chicken has been seasoned with Bimba's secret spice, which promises a peppery, tongue-tingling heat, balanced with a creamy cheese sauce over the crunchy batter. If you love big chicken burgers with a crackly bite and a succulent chew, this one's for you!

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Fans of fusion pastas, check out this East-West concoction - the Mutton Curry Pasta (RM24.90) is brimming with tender, clean-tasting meat and naturally sweet carrots, moist in a mellow curry that's not too fiery. The perfect pasta for patrons who love Malaysian curries. 

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The Squid Ink Salmon Pasta (RM33.90) is the safe choice, capably prepared with a fleshy, flaky slab of crisp-skinned salmon, confidently complemented by pasta with a rich seafood flavour, buoyed by cherry tomatoes for lively juiciness.

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Of course, the Bimba Big Breakfast (RM29.90) is a favourite, especially for weekend brunches, rounded out with all the essentials of egg, toast, a jumbo chicken sausage, chicken ham, baked beans, mushrooms, hash browns and a salad.

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The Bimba Shakshouka (RM19.90) brings steaming-hot savouriness to the table - lusciously runny eggs, swimming in tangy pomodoro sauce, layered with melted mozzarella cheese and minced chicken, delectable for dunking with soft tortilla bread.

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The Nasi Lemak with Smoked Duck (RM23.90) is alluringly aromatic, with a striking sambal whose spice is tempered by lots of onions, memorably complete with smoked duck instead of typical chicken.

Note that on weekdays, Bimba II does set lunches from 12pm to 3pm, with a different meal everyday. The selection rotates through possibilities like fish and chips to burgers, each served with a drink of the day.

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Salads and sides for sharing enhance the Bimba II experience. 

The Thousand Island Salad is fresh with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, eggs and olives, while the Bimba Nachos (RM27) is built for up to three persons, blanketed with mozzarella cheese, jalapeños and a mix of cheese and bolognese sauces for savoury-sweet-spicy sensations.

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For a sweet finish, try the Dark Fruit Cake (RM17.90), with a decadent texture and a dynamic taste that's complex with dark, deep sweetness.

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The Biscoff Cheesecake (RM16.90) is brilliant for the young at heart, jazzed up with lovely lime for a citrusy boost to the caramelised biscuit classic.

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To beat the heat, Bimba II offers terrific thirst-quenchers - the Red Grapefruit Yuzu Soda (RM17) and The Original Assam Boi (RM16) are our best bets if you like fizzy, fruity drinks.

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The Beetroot Latte is a creative winner, its sweet earthiness of beetroot embraced elegantly in a milky marvel, while the Sweet Potato Shake is a thick, tantalising triumph of taro.

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Irresistibly cool comfort can be found in the Coconut Milkshake (RM18), a tropical-tinged treat that's made extra-compelling with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

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Coffee and kombucha complete Bimba II's diversity of drinks. 

The Bimba Kopi Kaw Kaw (RM6) is inspired by kopitiam-style coffee with a modern cafe's spin, potent with a caffeinated punch, chilled with a coffee ice cube that melts to release even more caffeine into the glass.

Wonderbrew kombucha is available in flavours like Sakura Lychee Rose (RM14).

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Bimba II is also a craft beer haven, selling bottles from different locations, from Taiwan to India, in a range that rotates nearly monthly. 

Plus, for your pets, a small selection of dog food is also available - a thoughtful option for Bimba II's many animal-adoring customers. 

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Bimba II
GF-8, Pusat Perniagaan Amber Persiaran Oleander Gamuda Kemuning 25.7, Bandar Rimbayu, 42500 Selangor.
Tel: 012-486-6832